Chainsaw Man Blu-ray Comes With Manga-Inspired Covers, Exclusive Freebies

Chainsaw Man Blu-ray Covers Power

Chainsaw Man Blu-ray Covers Power

Chainsaw Man might not have a second season yet, but die-hard fans still have something to look forward to. Recently, the Chainsaw Man Volume 1 Blu-ray was released, and it comes with exclusive freebies and the first of four manga-inspired covers.

After being announced a few months ago, the first of four Blu-ray volumes for the anime is out now, and it’s a must-have for collectors, as it also comes with a range of special content.

Though the most striking thing about it is the cover, which features stylish artwork and a special design.

Chainsaw Man Volume 1 Blu-ray Content, Release Date

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As with most anime Blu-ray releases, this first volume only includes three episodes, but it does come with three creditless ending videos, as well as a creditless opening video.

What makes it special is the cover and case. The first Blu-ray volume comes with an eye-catching silver cover with “CHAINSAW MAN 1” embossed at the front.

Though it seems torn by a chainsaw at the front, giving owners a peek at the art inside.

The Blu-ray case itself features a striking black-and-white artwork of Denji in his Chainsaw Man form, with a style that’s similar to Fujimoto’s artwork for the manga.

Aside from this display-worthy case, the volume comes with an exclusive booklet that features interviews with Vaundy, Kenshi Yonezu, Zutomayo, and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE.

Finally, buyers of the Blu-ray will get a priority sales ticket for an upcoming stage event that’s happening in Tokyo on May 20, 2023.

The first Blu-ray volume is available now with a price tag of JPY 7,480 (around USD 58).

It’s recommended to purchase this volume at the MAPPA online shop, as buying all four volumes there will come with exclusive freebies.

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Chainsaw Man Volume 2 Blu-ray Cover, Freebies

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Following the first volume’s release, the cover for Chainsaw Man’s second Blu-ray volume was shared via the show’s official website and Twitter account.

Volume 2 features artwork of Power on the case while the cover features a color scheme that’s reminiscent of the manga’s second volume.

While the second volume is not yet released, fans who purchase all four volumes will get freebies such as a Pochita smartphone ring, acrylic stands, and movie-inspired illustration cards.

These cards include Chainsaw Man versions of iconic movies such as The Shining, Kill Bill, and The Silence of the Lambs, among others. The freebies will be shipped out alongside the fourth volume.

Volume 2 will be released on February 24, 2023. There’s no word yet on the release date and the covers for the next two Chainsaw Man Blu-ray volumes.

But given how the first two Blu-ray volumes are inspired by the manga, we can expect to see Volumes 3 and 4 to feature Aki and Himeno on the cover, respectively.

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Sources: Chainsaw Man official website, Twitter account

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