Chainsaw Man Fans Are Disappointed by Recent Anime Leak

Chainsaw Man Anime Leak Denji

Chainsaw Man Anime Leak Denji

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As the Episode 1 release date nears, a recent leak of the Chainsaw Man anime was shared online which resulted in disappointed reactions from fans.

While some were dissatisfied with what they saw, many others were not happy that the leaks happened at all.

During the weekend, a 20-second clip of Chainsaw Man Episode 1 was shared online. It is said that this leak was captured with a smartphone during a recent event in France.

Once it was shared, it was spread all over Twitter, with several fans reacting negatively to the CG animation that was used in the episode.

CG animation is not new for TV anime and films, though there is still a vocal fanbase who is against CG in anime.

This is why there were complaints about MAPPA using CG for Attack on Titan The Final Season when the first part of the series was released.

While there were fans that were disappointed by the Chainsaw Man anime leak, many others came to the show’s defense.

Given that the leaked footage was of low quality, many said that it is not an accurate representation of the final product.

Many of these fans expressed their disappointment instead by how the footage was leaked.

Soon though, the fan sentiment turned around when a new preview was shared.

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Yesterday, a short preview for Episode 1 was shared by MAPPA which included brand-new footage that wasn’t in any previous trailer. The footage includes clips of Pochita as well as Denji in action.

Despite being only 15 seconds long, the preview did a great job of allaying the fears of many fans about how the CG animation might not work for the show.

Fans also praised the look of both the action scene in the clip as well as Pochita’s design.

However, there are still some fans who are apprehensive about the upcoming anime.

Some users on Reddit had a discussion about how the anime’s art style looks too clean based on the previews.

The fans in the discussion shared how they wish that the anime would have a messier look that’s more akin to the source material.

Still, even with the apprehension about the series, the excitement for the anime adaptation is evident among fans based on discussions.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 will be released on October 11, 2022.

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