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Chainsaw Man Episode 9: Where Did Power Go?!

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Where Did Power Go Power
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Episode 9 of Chainsaw Man continues adapting the Katana Man arc from the manga. A lot of things have happened at this point, but one main character seems to have disappeared as events unfolded. So, where did Power go in Chainsaw Man Episode 9?

Ever since she was introduced in Episode 2, Power has been a constant in the dark fantasy anime. And given how dark it became with Makima's wild power, Himeno's death, Kobeni's despair, and Denji being incapacitated, Power's absence was felt even more.

So, what has Power been doing? Is she alive, and when will she return?

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers below.

Is Power Alive in Chainsaw Man Episode 9?

Is Power Alive in Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Power
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Given how explosive the previous episode was, many anime-only fans went into Episode 9 not knowing who was alive and who wasn't.

While the death of Himeno and many other members of Makima's special division is, unfortunately, confirmed, Makima turned out to be alive -- and she possesses very sinister powers.

Power, on the other hand, is currently unaccounted for. She wasn't around when Denji took one of Katana Man's subordinates hostage, nor when Katana Man and Akane tried to load Denji in their van.

Surprisingly, Denji was instead rescued by Kobeni, who had already been established as weak and cowardly but showed remarkable competence in this episode.

As the Blood Fiend, Power enjoys semi-immortal status. This means she heals very quickly and doesn't die easily.

Where Did Power Go, Then?

Where Did Power Go Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Power
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Power's whereabouts are unknown during parts of the Katana Man arc. While she plays a key role later on in accompanying Denji when he goes to attack Katana Man's hideout, she is absent during parts of the original attack.

Earlier on, Power helped beat up Katana Man and even helped keep Aki stable when he lost too much blood, but Denji ended up facing Katana Man alone before being cut in half.

Power's absence is likely intentional in this bit, to conceal which members of Aki and Denji's division actually made it out alive.

Even Kobeni's appearance was a huge surprise, as she was much more reluctant to act even during relatively less dangerous times.

During Makima's visit to Kyoto, she and some of her subordinates discuss the death of many members of Public Safety's special division.

This narrative choice was likely made to keep up the suspense, but, ultimately, we're going to see Power soon.

When Will Power Return?

When Will Power Return Power
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In the manga, Power is next seen in the hospital where she and Denji visit a recovering Aki.

Later on, she and Denji set out for Katana Man's hideout and undergo intense training under the tutelage of Kishibe -- shonen anime style!

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