Chainsaw Man’s Latest Chapter Shows That Fami Might Not Be a Villain

Chainsaw Man Fami
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha

Chainsaw Man Fami
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha

Chainsaw Man Chapter 131 was a chapter with major implications moving forward, as it pretty much confirmed that Fami is not a villain. Or at least, Fami might not be Chainsaw Man’s main adversary.

While the previous chapter was all action without much dialogue, this latest chapter features some big reveals regarding Fami, Nayuta, Yoru, and the apocalypse. The events might also be leading to a new arc.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers in this article.

Nayuta and Fami Make a Surprise Appearance in Chainsaw Man Chapter 131

The latest Chainsaw Man chapter opens with Denji and Asa being in a sticky situation as they’re about to be swallowed by a Devil. Unexpectedly though, the Devil spits them out, meaning the Falling Devil has failed.

In a surprise turn of events, it was revealed that Fami is the one behind the Falling Devil’s attack and subsequent hunt for the War Devil.

It was also shown that Nayuta controlled the Devil so that it will spit out Denji and Asa.

Fami and Nayuta begin talking, and Fami explains her goal of weakening the War Devil enough that she can control it. This is because she believes the War Devil may be able to prevent the apocalypse.

This means Fami is against the apocalypse, so she might be on the side of humans, or at least, she doesn’t want all humans to die out.

While Nayuta didn’t mind the death of all humans at first, Fami tells her that it’ll mean pizza will no longer exist. Thus, Nayuta changes her mind and seems to also be against the apocalypse now.

Fami then asks Nayuta to help her, but Nayuta says no, saying that she has school.

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Chainsaw Man Might Be Entering a Nayuta School Arc

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The last panel in the chapter shows Nayuta taking school seriously; a surprising revelation given how devious her previous form was.

Given this last panel, some fans now believe that a Nayuta school arc is coming next.

Even though it’s only been a day since the chapter’s release, fans are already buzzing with the possibility of a school arc.

After all, Nayuta’s actions seem to indicate that her personality is a mix of Denji and Power.

Aside from the possible school arc, the fact that Fami may not be the main villain is interesting, as it means there might be a more destructive foe to come. Some believe that the Death Devil will be the main foe in this case.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see Nayuta in school though, as Chainsaw Man’s next chapter release is two weeks away.

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