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Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Has Fans Wondering What Happened to Yoshida

It's a huge week for Chainsaw Man as Chapter 109 of the manga and Episode 4 of the anime are both dropping just hours within each other. For the former, fans got an action-packed chapter as the Justice Devil tries to kill all of Asa Mitaka's bullies. But as another devil intervenes, people are wondering what happened to Hirofumi Yoshida.


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In Chainsaw Man Chapter 109, the Justice Devil continues to terrorize the school but realizes that Asa Mitaka is naked and injured amidst the chaos. Not realizing that she caused the injuries, the devil blames a student who just happened to be nearby and tries to kill her. That's when Denji intervenes and orders the devil to let the girl go.

At first, the Justice Devil tells him to mind his own business but then Denji reveals that he is actually Chainsaw Man. The Justice Devil first believes she can easily defeat him but realizes that although she can read his mind, all that Denji is thinking about is making his identity known to the world.

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When Asa finally gains consciousness, she immediately confronts Chainsaw Man who had already killed the Justice Devil.

Although it's great to see Asa finally meeting Chainsaw Man, there's one thing that has people wondering what happened to Hirofumi Yoshida who was tasked with watching Denji and stopping him from revealing his true identity.

We're hoping that nothing bad happened to Yoshida behind the scenes in Chainsaw Man Chapter 109. However, there is a chance we'll find out what he's up to, or if he'll be back to help Denji in the next chapter.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 is now available. In addition to that, Chainsaw Man Episode 4 has been released.

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