Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Release Date, Countdown, Leaks

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Release Date and Time Asa Mitaka

Chainsaw Man has returned for another week, and it looks like Part 2 is now reaching the wild levels of unpredictability found in Part 1. Here's all about Chainsaw Man Chapter 109, including its release date, and any leaks!

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 Recap

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 108, Asa Mitaka embraces the powers of the War Devil, though not in the way Yoru had hoped.

Mitaka disapproves of Yuko's way of dealing with her bullies. But Yuko, who is now transformed into the Justice Devil, is adamant, thinking that her attack will prevent further bullying nationwide.

To stop her, Mitaka finally tries Yoru's powers to turn anything into a weapon.

While the school doesn't have much in terms of killing materials, Mitaka manages to forge a sword out of her school uniform.

Equipped with it, she fights Yuko, who still claims that the Justice Devil didn't take anything from her and only gave her a heart that wants to fight injustice.

Eventually, Mitaka slices the Justice Devil in pieces but she's immediately horrified at what she did, thinking that she has killed her friend, Yuko, too.

Immediately, a girl with an odd, zombie-like posture, asks her if she wants to save Yuko, all while the outside world realizes the Justice Devil's destructive action.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Release Date and Time

Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Release Date and Time Aki
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Credit: MAPPA

In Japan, Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 is expected to be released on November 1 at 12:00 AM JST.

If this information remains correct, here are the approximate release times for various international regions:

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 AM
  • Central Time: 11:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 AM
  • British Time: 5:00 PM

Chainsaw Man had stuck to a bi-weekly schedule for the past couple of months, but the manga is now back to a weekly schedule that coincides with the release date of new anime episodes!

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 COUNTDOWN

Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 COUNTDOWN


Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Leaks

Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Leaks Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

As of writing, there are no spoilers or leaks yet for Chainsaw Man Chapter 109.

Spoilers, such as raw scans and previews, might show up a few days before the chapter's official release.

If and when a potential spoiler or leak gets revealed, we'll update this space with the relevant information.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Predictions

Chainsaw Man Chapter 109 Predictions Power
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Credit: MAPPA

As expected, Chapter 108 was bloody. Predictably, fans who had found Mitaka and Yuko's odd friendship endearing (and potentially romantic), see a future between the two and don't want to believe that Yuko will die unceremoniously.

But how can Yuko manage to survive? Who is the girl who offers to save her? Is she a human, a Devil, a Hybrid, or a Fiend, and what is she going to request from Mitaka in return?

Due to the girl's eye design, which is similar to both Mitaka's and Makima's, fans theorize that she could be another one of the four Horsemen, either making her the Hunger Devil or the Death Devil.

And what about Denji? Is Chainsaw Man going to appear at the crime scene? Stay tuned to find out!

If you're craving more content in the meantime, we've put together a list of the best Chainsaw Man fanfiction to read right now.

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