Chainsaw Man Anime Changes Crucial Future Devil Line, and Fans Aren’t Happy

Chainsaw Man Aki

Chainsaw Man Aki

Chainsaw Man fans are mostly happy with the anime’s latest episode, especially with the introduction of the fiends. Though many Chainsaw Man fans were disappointed that the anime changed a crucial line by the Future Devil.

The latest episode was released yesterday, and it featured the first proper appearance of the Future Devil.

While the scene was faithful to the manga, for the most part, the English subtitle for his specific line was changed.

While it may seem like a minor change, it was a crucial one given the line’s significance.

NOTE: This article has been updated on December 22, 2022, to reflect the change in Crunchyroll's English subtitle translation.

Chainsaw Man Anime's Future Devil Voice Actor

Chainsaw Man Anime Future Devil
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Technically, the Future Devil made an appearance even before Episode 11 as fans already saw him in the anime’s opening.

While he’s a familiar sight for manga readers, many anime-only fans have only figured out who he is in the latest episode.

Despite his fearsome appearance and harsh contract requirements, many were surprised that the Future Devil sounded like some average guy and not at all like a terrifying devil.

Aside from his voice, his mannerisms and catchphrase “The future rules!” were unexpected, even by manga readers who imagined him to be a bit more intimidating.

Even though his voice was unexpected, many fans liked this creative decision. It also helped that he contrasts well with Aki’s no-nonsense personality.

Given his distinct voice, many are wondering who the voice actor is for the Future Devil. According to some reports, the Future Devil is voiced by Hiroki.

Though it’s unclear if this Hiroki refers to a voice actor with that name or if it’s an alias for someone else.

For comparison, the other new characters in the episode are voiced by well-known VAs, including Demon Slayer's Tanjiro Kamado VA Natsuki Hanae as Beam.

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Future Devil’s Line Change in the Anime

chainsaw man future devil line
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In the manga, the Future Devil says that Aki Hayakawa will die “in the worst possible way.”

But in the anime’s previous English subtitles on Crunchyroll, the line was translated to “your death in the future will fucking rule.”

The change makes sense considering how the Future Devil talks. Though fans on Twitter and Reddit were critical of this change.

Many consider the change to diminish the impact of what the future has in store for Aki.

This different translation may also be taken in a more positive light which changes the dynamic of Aki and the Future Devil.

Interestingly though, not all English subtitles for Chainsaw Man Episode 11 had the same translation.

For instance, the English subtitles on Prime Video in Asia translate the line to “in the worst possible way,” much like in the manga.

Because of the complaints, Crunchyroll soon changed the translation to "your death will be the fucking worst." This is still not the exact line from the manga, though it is a better fit according to fans.

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