Cells at Work! Manga Announces a New Muscular Spinoff

Cells at Work spinoff red blood cell

Cells at Work spinoff red blood cell

Cells at Work! started as just one series, but it has now blossomed into quite a big franchise. Now, the series just got even larger as the new Cells at Work! Muscle! spinoff was revealed.

This new manga series is next in the wide range of Cells at Work! spinoffs. It was announced in the latest issue of Kodansha’s Evening magazine.

Cells at Work! Spinoffs

cells at work red blood cell
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The original Cells at Work! manga began back in 2015, though the series’ popularity skyrocketed following the release of the first anime adaptation by David Production, the studio behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It got a lot of attention for its cute depiction of cells in a human body, and it garnered praise for its accurate depiction of how these cells function.

Since then, the series has spawned various spinoffs, with the most popular being Cells at Work! Code Black, which follows cells that are living in and working inside a man with an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle.

While Code Black is the most popular spinoff thanks to its own anime adaptation, the series has lots of other spinoffs.

For instance, there’s Cells that Don’t Work, a series that hilariously follows an erythroblast who refuses to become a red blood cell.

There’s also Platelets at Work, which follows the adorable platelets as they try and keep the body safe.

Other spinoffs include Cells at Work! White which, as its title implies, follows the white blood cells, with a story that’s told from the perspective of a recruit.

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Cells at Work! Muscle! Announced

cells at work platelet
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The next spinoff, Cells at Work! Muscle!, will have its first chapter published in the next Evening magazine issue by Kodansha. The next issue will be released on February 28, 2023.

Fans won’t need to buy the magazine to read the manga though as it is also confirmed to release on Kodansha's Morning Two website on Thursday.

Aside from the announcement of its upcoming serialization, no other information on the spinoff was released. Though the title might hold some clues.

Having “muscle” in the title might indicate that the series will be set in the body’s muscular system and will follow a muscle cell.

However, it’s also possible that a returning character (or character type) will be the protagonist.

One possibility is that the muscular NK cell will be the series’ main character.

cells at work nk cell
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Right now though, there’s no word yet on whether this upcoming spinoff manga will be released outside Japan, but there is a slim chance it will if Kodansha releases its own manga app.

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