Cartoon Network Disables YouTube Comments for New Thundercats Roar Trailer

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It looks like ThunderCats Roar just can't catch a break, as the latest trailer continues to be lambasted by those that want a better art style, even if this show is catered to kids and not to adults. The latest trailer from Cartoon Network seems to have gotten some particularly nasty feedback as the studio ended up disabling comments altogether, though the like-to-dislike ratio can still be seen.

Needless to say, it's not pretty. While we can understand some of the hate with the simplistic art style, it's not that different from something like Teen Titans GO, though when you consider how most adults also hate that cartoon, it's easy to see where the hate stems from. Honestly, I just think it's too much needless anger thrown at a show that is clearly aiming towards a younger demographic.

As of this writing, the show is sitting at 897 dislikes and 841 likes, which is harsh. Sadly, this isn't the only time a cartoon reboot has gotten hate for a completely different art style. Some will recall how She-Ra and the Princesses of Powerreceived plenty of hate when it first came out, though that seems to have died down. We already mentioned how Teen Titans fans hate Teen Titans GO, especially since that show actually has its mature predecessor's voice cast.

ThunderCats Roar comes to Cartoon Network on February 22. If you think the show looks good, check it out. If you think it looks like garbage, don't check it out. Seriously, guys, it's not that hard to be nice.

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