Captain Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Says Stan Lee Could Still Make Cameos Through 3D Scanning

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Stan Lee might no longer be around to appear in future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Samuel L. Jackson believes that the Marvel comic book legend could still make cameo appearances in the franchise.

Jackson's been pretty busy going around promoting Captain Marvel along with Brie Larson and the rest of the team. Yesterday, the Captain Marvel cast and crew did a live panel of a press conference held at Singapore (via ABC News). The team answered a whole lot of questions from fans, some of which centered around the late Stan Lee.

During the discussion about the Marvel cameo king's upcoming appearance in Captain Marvel, Jackson hinted that Lee could still end up in every Marvel movie that the studio does through digital scanning.


"He'll be missed and I'm sure, well, the way they scan us, he might still end up in every Marvel movie we do," the Nick Fury star shared. "You'll be shocked. ‘I thought he was dead. When did he shoot this?' They probably got a lot of stuff they can stick Stan in just because they scan the rest of us. If they scanned him anywhere near as much as they scan us…"

Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson then proceeds to explain what "scan us" really is, talking about Marvel's process behind "scanning."

"There's a room that has like 100 cameras in it and it scans. It does like a 3D scan of your body like it could create like a hologram," Larson explained.

Of course, scanning isn't entirely new to the Hollywood industry. The Star Wars franchise has used digital art several times to bring back the likeness of late actors like Peter Cushing, the man behind the intimidating Grand Moff Tarkin. The only question is whether fans will be comfortable with the thought of Marvel using icons likeness to bring them back to the big screen.

Captain Marvel premieres on March 8, 2019.

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