Captain Marvel Hasbro Figure Claims That Jude Law Is Actually Yon-Rogg

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Fans were pretty excited when they learned that Disney accidentally described Jude Law's Captain Marvel character as Mar-Vell in a photo caption on the movie's website. However, doubt started to seep in after Disney pulled out the description, making everyone wonder whether the Mickey Mouse House was just trying to mislead the fanbase.

Now, a new Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure seems to confirm that Law's character has nothing to do with the legendary Mar-Vell. Merchandise for Captain Marvel has just started making its way to shelves across the country, and Hasbro's Captain Marvel Marvel Legends line includes an action figure of Law's character now named Yon-Rogg.


While Law was simply promoted as "Starforce Commander" in earlier merchandising, the packaging for the new figure has him named after the Imperial Kree Army Kernel who only protects the interests of the Kree Empire. Marvel comic book readers know Yon-Rogg as one of Mar-Vell's biggest enemies.

At one point, when sent on a mission to Earth by the Supreme Intelligence, Yon-Rogg had Mar-Vell sent on a lone mission hoping that the hero would die on the "backwater planet." Time and time again the character has tried to kill Mar-Vell in comics, only to fail at many turns.

If Law really does turn out to be Yon-Rogg, then it's possible that the Starforce Commander may be the reason why Brie Larson's Captain Marvel finds herself lost and alone on Earth. It's definitely going to be interesting seeing a potential battle between the two.


Captain Marvel premieres March 8, 2019.

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