Can Meghan Markle Sing?

Credit: Variety/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Variety/YouTube Screenshot

Before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex upon marrying Prince Harry, she used to be an actress, appearing on both the small and big screens. But can she also sing?

Meghan is the darling of the crowd. She's now holding talks and philanthropic works, helping and giving advice to others. But aside from this list of her talents, she tried to sing once and was good at it.

Meghan Markle Singing at a Young Age

The former senior royal is definitely a performer. She has been singing at a young age, and an unearthed video of her saw her singing on stage when she was in high school.

According to Celeb Answers, the 41-year-old started acting in her 20s, but she was already exposed to the world of Hollywood when she was still young.

Her father, Thomas Markle, used to work in the entertainment business for years as an award-winning lighting director after getting an Emmy in 1982 for his work on General Hospital.

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At the time, she would Meghan to the show's set, giving her a glimpse of the entertainment world. From there, her interest grew, ending up shaping her future.

Though she didn't start relatively young, Meghan began to show her talent on stage, proud and confident, when she was 17.

At the time, she performed "Santa Baby" with her friend on stage. She looked very much at ease, performing, proving she could also sing.

Meghan Markle Can Communicate with Seals

Meanwhile, in his memoir Spare, Prince Harry revealed that Meghan was like "magic" as she could communicate with seals by singing.

He told a story about encountering a pair of seals while on holiday on the north coast of Scotland with his father, King Charles III.

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At the time, His Majesty told a story about selkies, Scottish sirens disguised as seals, and asked them to sing to the seals to see if they would respond.

King Charles and Meghan had a strong bond back then, and the former enjoyed "peacocking in front" of his wife by the stories he told her that he had never heard before.

So when the Sussexes saw the seals, Prince Harry ran over to sing to them but failed. But when Meghan joined in, the seals answered.

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"Soon enough, an endless number of heads began to appear in every part of the water, responding to her song," he wrote, making him see Meghan as real magic. "It could have been a stupid superstition, but I didn't care."

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