Camilla Parker Bowles Health Scare: Prince Charles' Wife Worries Royal Fans After Reportedly Spotting Her Shaky Hand During Speech At Clarence House

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Camilla Parker Bowles got several royal fans worried during her speech at the International Women's Day reception she hosted. Many noticed that the future queen consort had shaky hands and some speculated that she might have health problems.

Future Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles Had Fans Worried With Her Shaky Hands

Footage of Camilla Parker Bowles delivering her speech at the International Women's Day reception she hosted in Clarence House Tuesday made the rounds on social media. During her speech, eagle-eyed netizens noticed her tremored hands. Many were concerned about her health after they saw her shaky hands, especially because it was the first time they saw Prince Charles' wife with a tremor.

"Eagle-eyed royal fans have noticed Camilla's shaky hand that left them worried about the health of the future Queen Consort. A lectern would help because she could rest her hands on it. She has to be ready for public speaking events, let's hope it's not glossophobia," one tweeted.

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"It’s the first time I’ve seen the Duchess and got worried," a different royal fan wrote.

Meanwhile, some fans speculated that she was probably just nervous because she's not a professional public speaker. The netizens were hoping it wasn't serious and was just due to her emotional state — being nervous — while delivering her speech.

"Nervous tremor. Happens," one commented.

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"Because she’s not a professional public speaker; there’s a camera shoved in her face, and she’s naturally quite shy?" another suggested.

Some also speculated that it was due to age because Camilla is already 74 years old. Another said it could be an "essential tremor" which was common.

"It could be something called Essential Tremor. Very common. Mine developed when I was 15 years old," the netizen commented.

"Well could be from age. My grandfather has the same problem for a few years now," another added.

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Camilla Parker Bowles Praised For Her Sense Of Humor During Her Speech

Camilla Parker Bowles invited 90 women for her first in-person celebration of International Women's Day. She hosted a reception at the Clarence House, Express reported.

Among her guests were former Spice Girl turned Women's Aid ambassador, Mel B, and Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner. She also invited Inna Prystaiko, the wife of Ukrainian ambassador Vadym Prystaiko, and actress Emerald Fennell, who portrays her on Netflix's The Crown.

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During her speech, Camilla joked that her alter ego — Fennell — should be ready to take over in case something happened to her, prompting the crowd to laugh.

"It is reassuring to know that, if I should fall off my perch at any moment, my fictional alter ego is here to take over—so, Emerald, be prepared," Camilla said.

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Last month, Queen Elizabeth II showed her support to the Duchess of Cornwall by announcing that Camilla will be queen consort when her husband Prince Charles becomes king.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Camilla's health. We will also keep you posted about the other members of the royal family.


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