BTS Suga To Be Enlisted as Social Service Agent — Here's What It Means

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Suga will soon follow Jin in the military.

This week, BTS members and ARMYs bid farewell to the group’s eldest member, Jin, who started his military service. He will serve the country for the next 18 months.

With his enlistment, queries about the six other members’ services emerged, with Suga becoming the hottest topic among them.

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BTS Suga Might Serve as Social Service Agent

The Korea Herald quoted military and music industry sources’ statement on Tuesday, saying that Suga would carry out his duty as a social service agent in the military.

Reports revealed that the now-29-year-old Daechwita hitmaker would not serve as an active-duty soldier. This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt as no confirmation has been publicized yet. Details about his enlistment, including the date, remain unknown.

Like Jin, Suga was supposed to serve in the military years ago. But he and BTS members had their scheduled services deferred under a revised law that allows "those who excel in popular culture and art" to postpone their service until the age of 30.

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All able-bodied men are required to serve 18 to 21 months in the military.

Following the emergence of the news, BTS’ agency BIGHIT Music refused to confirm the information.

"(Members) will be enlisting in the military in order according to their individual plans," it said. "We cannot confirm the information on their personal matters."

Why Suga Might Serve in The Military Differently

In South Korea, men with health issues receive non-active-duty positions in military service.

As of press time, Suga is healthier than ever. But some fans noted that his 2020 surgery that was conducted to repair his torn shoulder labrum might have something to do with it. He sustained a shoulder injury after getting involved in an accident in 2012.

A social service agent does not really belong to the military. Instead, they serve government agencies and welfare institutes. But its term of service is three months longer compared to those who have active duties.

“Those who qualify as social service agents can also serve as soldiers if they want,” a military official said. “It’s a matter in which the individual decides (whether or not he will serve as a soldier).”

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