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Is Former APINK Member Son Na Eun Dating Actor Lee Soo Hyuk?

Credit: YG STAGE/YouTube Screenshot

Are APINK former member Son Na Eun and actor Lee Soo Hyuk dating?

Dating rumors started to swirl again as the public insisted that Son Na Eun and Lee Soo Hyuk are dating. Fans have since gathered evidence and information to reportedly prove their relationship, and they made the talks spread even more.

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Son Na Eun, Lee Soo Hyuk’s Dating Rumors

Pann Nate, Son Na Eun and Lee Soo Hyuk in the online community found themselves in the middle of dating buzzes. Users shared proof to show that the duo is indeed seeing each other.

The reported evidence includes the salad restaurant they usually go to, having the same personal trainer in the same gym, and sharing the same hobby. They supported the claims by sharing photos of them which Son Na Eun and Lee Soo Hyuk themselves shared online.

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It turned out that the actor also has an unofficial Instagram account where he follows Son Na Eun’s closest friends: Girls’ Generation members Tiffany and Taeyeon.

Several photos also showed their “couple items”; there were also screenshots of their online posts they shared at the same time.

Fans React to Dating Rumors

Son Na Eun, Lee Soo Hyuk, and their respective agencies are yet to comment on the rumors. While fans insist on their secret relationship, others explained that K-pop idols and actors usually visit the same places, eat the same food, and share similar social media posts.

One said, "There are a lot of celebrities that can be intertwined together. There are many people with similar backgrounds, captions, pictures, angles, restaurants, poses, etc. If you were to look at idols one by one, you'll find a bunch of them. But of course, I'm not saying that they're definitely not dating."

Son Na Eun debuted as a member of the South Korean girl group, APINK. She left the group in April 2022 and joined YG Entertainment as an actress. Among her most popular shows are Ghost Doctor, Dinner Mate, Cinderella with Four Knights, The Most Beautiful Goodbye, and My Kids Give Me a Headache.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Hyuk debuted as a model before becoming a YG Entertainment actor. He has already starred in several films and shows like Pipeline, Horror Stories 2, Runway Cop, Tomorrow, Doom at Your Service, Local Hero, Born Again, and The Scholar Who Walks the Night.

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