BTS Suga Shares Real Thoughts About Group's Grammy Nomination After ARMYs Lambast Recording Academy

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BTS Suga shared his thoughts about the group’s one nomination from the Grammys this year.

BTS members have been tight-lipped after the Recording Academy announced that the group is nominated in only one category out of 86 this year. Following their previous snub, the K-pop group only managed to score a place for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category.

This time, they are competing against Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (I Get A Kick Out of You), Justin Bieber and benny blanco (Lonely), Coldplay (Higher Power), and Doja Cat + SZA (Kiss Me More.)


BTS got a nomination for the same award last year but lost their chance to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. With that, fans called out the Recording Academy and called the awards show Scammys instead for allegedly using the group to get more viewers.

Finally, one BTS member shared his thoughts about the issue – but he gave a positive response still.

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Suga’s Take on BTS’s Grammy Nomination Revealed

During his interview for Vogue Korea, Suga was asked what his hopes are for the upcoming Grammy Awards. BTS landed on the spot with their hit song, Butter.


According to Suga, he does not really expect them to win the award – probably because of last year’s snub. However, the rapper expressed positivity by claiming it already.

“The Grammys? I have a humble version and a confident version so which one should I do? Honestly, I don’t have high expectations,” he said. “But I do think we’ll receive it!”

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The decrease in the number of BTS nominations is seemingly connected with Grammys’ new rules following the organization’s corruption issues. After The Weeknd called out the Recording Academy, its CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said they would rebuild the trust it lost and increase the membership.

This year’s nominees were selected without the participation of an anonymous selection committee. Over 11,000 people received the chance to choose their bets per category. Unfortunately, those members seemingly overlooked the K-pop group’s milestones this year, and they ended up crossing them out in other categories.

BTS Suga Learns Acceptance

His comment resonated with what he learned now that he is an adult – acceptance.


Suga explained that he could accept things easily compared to when he was younger, proving it in his mixtapes. He recalled how his first mixtape focused on rage. However, he finally sorted everything out when he faced himself before creating the next “more matured” album, D-2.

“Actually, it was a tight finish to record in the final two, three months of 2020, but I started the beats and basic production in 2016 right after my first mixtape came out. I finished the track ‘People’ around October 2016 and I thought, ‘Ah, I’ve reached the stage where I can write this kind of song,” he went on.

Suga played a huge role in making BTS’ music praise-magnet, and people will surely continue liking his music, especially now that they are musically mature.

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