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BTS Skincare 2022: J-Hope Shares Secrets, Tips To Glow Up

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BTS, like any other K-pop group today, has ways to take good care of their visuals and appearances. Having an effective skincare regimen is one of them, and the members follow different sets of routines that suit what their skin needs and prefers, as well as their concerns.

Not everyone in the group, however, has a “complete” and all-inclusive regimen for their skin. Some only use one or two products, while others utilize five or more, and J-Hope belongs to the latter.

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The group’s rapper has not shied away from revealing his skincare routines since their debut. He has repeatedly shared with fans how he does them in the morning and before going to bed.

But, his ultimate secret to achieving an effective “glow up,” with respect to skincare, does not lie in these steps.

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J-Hope's Ultimate "Go-To" Skincare Tip

In one of their previous interviews, the seven K-pop idols talked about their skincare routines and concerns, as well as some secrets and tips. When asked about his “go-to” hack for clear and glowing skin, he has an unusual, yet highly recommendable response.

J-Hope revealed that going to the dermatologist is his ultimate skincare hack. He seemingly hinted, however, that he could not always do it as he said he only “tries” when he has some free time.

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The BTS Rapper's Rigorous Skincare Regimen

The BTS rapper has two different sets of skincare routines: one for the morning and one for the evening. He only does two steps before starting his day, though, adding that it is essential to do it upon waking up.

J-Hope shared that he uses toner and face cream for the early morning routine. As for his regimen before sleeping, the steps include the application of toner, essence, acne care product, lotion, and cream.

He did not reveal, however, what skincare brands or products he prefers for his routines. But, reports asserted that the BTS member utilizes the L’Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum, which Jimin also uses.

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