BTS RM Gets Candid About Heartbreaking Reality Idols Need To Face While Growing Older

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS RM shared a bitter reality about being an idol amid the boy group’s success.

Although he chose to debut under an entertainment company that was far from reaching the industry’s big three, RM and the other BTS members persevered to make the group and Big Hit Entertainment well-known.

Before BTS’ debut in 2013, RM — then Rap Monster — initially started as a solo rapper while training with Suga and J-Hope. He also worked as a songwriter for Glam.

After reaching the place where they are now, the rapper opened up about how aging as an idol comes with a harsh reality.

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BTS RM Talks About Getting Older While Promoting as an Idol

In the past years, the K-pop industry has been welcoming young teenagers, although it was initially practiced that trainees should debut in their 20s.

RM touched on the topic recently and revealed how the recent debuts of young idols impacted his thoughts as an idol. As of press time, he is only 27 years old. But his age nears the 30s due to the traditional system in Korea.

Basel Podcast shared an interview with RM during his recent appearance on its Intersections: The Art Basel. The Permission To Dance hitmaker said that turning 30 is extremely different when a person is an idol.

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He explained that growing older while performing made him wonder about the future.

He said:

“That’s really sad, but it’s a fact. I feel like, ‘Okay, is this my prime time? Is this the highlight of my whole life because I am 29 and I could live to 100 years old and that’s really sad if it’s my prime time.’”

He added that groups tend to forget who they are since the idol system does not give time to anyone to mature. With that, all idols need to engage in a routine where they keep producing music or continuously do something.

BTS RM Says He’s Not Physically Mature

Elsewhere in the interview, he further explained that the problems in the industry affected him as an artist and as a BTS member. Compared to his version 10 years ago, RM said he is facing a different story now.

“I could balance this with work before. But after ten years of living as BTS and working all our schedules, I can’t physically mature anymore,” he went on.

RM and BTS have a huge chance of lasting for a long time, though, as they are internationally recognized. In addition, musicians like Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, PSY, and even SHINHWA prove that age does not matter when it comes to the K-pop industry.

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