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BTS Military Enlistment: Here’s How Global Hitmakers May Continue Performing, Promoting While In Service

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Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

BTS' enlistment will be finally decided later this year, and see if they will be serving the mandatory military service or not. If the boys have to enlist, the big question is, will they be able to perform or promote even if they're in service?

SBS claimed on Tuesday, October 4, the President's Office received a report about how to improve the special military service system, containing information that would reveal the future of BTS's activities.

The Proposed Change in Military Service System

The report was titled Measures to Improve the Arts and Sports Personnel System, prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

It was forwarded to the President's Office for Social Affairs last week, stressing the ministry had followed the presidential office's instructions to reorganize the system following the "fairness" issue.

It suggested three proposals: a proposal to abolish the current Arts and Sports military service system and two recommendations to maintain the system while upholding its fairness. These proposals reportedly contained BTS-related subjects.

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The first proposal is to create an Arts and Sports unit where the enlistees can maintain their "necessary skills" after being enlisted even if the system has to be abolished. It also suggests expanding the military arts and music services, like creating military band activities and producing new events.

If all BTS members have to enlist, a separate proposal suggests they be allowed to temporarily travel overseas and let them stay outside of their unit for 120 days a year. It also proposes to permit them to hold online and offline promotional activities, like concerts, award ceremonies, and broadcast appearances.

However, it wants the group to have limited participation in activities for the general public, like holding free concerts.

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The Decision to BTS's Military Enlistment

Meanwhile, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Minister Park Bo Kyun said at the National Assembly's parliamentary inspection that BTS's military enlistment would be decided in December.

"Member Jin's enlistment is set to be sorted out by December, but the MCST will finalize our stance as soon as possible before then," Park stated when People Power Party member Lee Yong Ho asked to review the issue about BTS's military service.

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"We are comprehensively reviewing the issue by looking at various aspects, including the points that national defense is a sacred duty, military service is a symbol of fairness' BTS has made Korea known as the vanguard of K-culture and created a huge economic ripple effect," he continued. "There are equity issues between popular artists, including BTS, and those who practice fine arts; this will affect the group when one of the BTS members joins the army. There are [results of] public opinion analysis and opinions of men in their 20s, and so on."


BTS Jin is now 29 and will turn in December. So following the 2020 Military Service Act amendment, he must enlist.

But if the amendment passes, Jin and the rest of the BTS members no longer have to enlist.

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