Cartier vs. Dior: Luxury Brands Rival Over BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Credit: Christian Dior/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Christian Dior/YouTube Screenshot

Cartier and Dior have reportedly taken their fight in fashion to the next level. Allegedly, the two luxury brands are in a contract battle to have BLACKPINK's Jisoo as its official ambassador.

According to reports, Cartier has doubled Dior's offer to secure Jisoo as its global ambassador. So, who will win between the two?

The Contract Battle

A netizen shared an article by the French magazine Madame Figaro in June and translated its content to English in an online forum on The Qoo.

The netizen stressed that Cartier doubled the amount of Dior's contract offer to Jisoo to have her as its global ambassador.

The K-pop star has been promoting as the global ambassador for Dior's beauty and fashion products. She also models Cartier's jewelry line.

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For starters, Dior and Cartier belong to LVMH and Richemont, respectively. They're two of the highest-ranking luxury brands in the world that strongly rival each other.

Dior has been known for dropping the most expensive contract offers to its global ambassadors, following the wishes of its president Bernard Arnault.

So, why Cartier wants Jisoo to be its global ambassador? Simple, Dior's profit is believed to have increased to a whopping 400% among MZ-generation consumers in their 20s and early 30s since she has become the brand's global ambassador.

Jisoo as Cartier's Jewelry, Watch Global Ambassador

Amid the rivalry today, Cartier already announced Jisoo as the global ambassador for its luxury jewelry and watch brand in May.

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"When we wanted to embody the magnetic aura of the panther, our attention was instinctively drawn to Jisoo, Arnaud Carrez, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Cartier, announced. "With her self-assured style, she is the voice of a new generation of creatives who dare to show their different talents. She is an artist who takes on her role with great creative freedom, never limiting herself."

BLACKPINK's Jisoo's Fame

With Jisoo's fame, it's no surprise that a lot of brands are trying to have her as their ambassador or model.

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She's one of the female K-pop artists with a cult following on Instagram, totaling 64.8 million followers. In fact, she had about 1.1 million new followers as of September 30 alone, and this number is believed to grow continuously in the future.

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