BTS Jungkook Reveals Real Reason Why He Covered Up the Eye Tattoo on His Hand

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jungkook opened up about the eye tattoo he once had but decided to cover it up.

ARMYs saw Jungkook’s first tattoo in 2019. Initially, some expressed disbelief when they learned it was real. But with the idol’s move, he immediately broke the stereotypes in the K-pop industry.

Now, his tattoos constantly make headlines as they wow fans in many ways. One of his inks, however, sparked a buzz, leading him to cover it up.

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Why BTS Jungkook Covered His Eye Tattoo

Jungkook held a live via BTS’ Weverse on Feb. 2. The maknae made viewers’ hearts flutter with his longer hair that highlighted his visuals even more.

He also took his time to share the stories behind his tattoos. He started with the ARMY tattoo he has on his knuckles. According to Jungkook, it was the first ink he got.

He explained that he decided to put it somewhere it could be easily seen since he is proud of their fandom. Still, he said he was not completely happy as the font looked simpler than expected. As a result, he put a crown on the letters.

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Jungkook then talked about the eye tattoo he covered up. The idol said: "I had an eye here, but a lot of people didn't like the eye and said it looked like the Illuminati."

After the live, ARMYs flocked to Pann Nate and shared their opinion about Jungkook’s story. Among the comments read:

"Nobody said illuminati though...? I've heard some say it was a girlfriend's eye."

"How many years has it been since you got tattoos that you're finally presenting them."

"I really tried not to laugh I lost it at illuminati. So unfair haha"

Is Jungkook Releasing New Album?

During the same live session, BTS Jungkook was asked about the reason behind his absence from social media. In the past weeks, there have been rumors claiming that he was working on a new album.

According to the idol, he was just taking his time off at home and enjoying his free time.

“I have put an all stop, on preparing my album and I think it’s become like a habit. I haven’t been doing anything, and I like this, not doing anything. and I think I have said this before, but if I was to be reborn, I want to be a rock. and I feel like right now I am like a rock,” he went on.

Jungkook notably released his single, Dreamers, in November ahead of his performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar’s opening ceremony. He ultimately became the first Korean artist to sing an official theme for the world cup.

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