BTS Jungkook Prefers To 'Sleep Than Date': Report

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Fans and followers see Jungkook as one of today’s most eligible bachelors. As a world-renowned celebrity, many wonder whether he, as well as the rest of BTS, is single.

Due to the lack of confirmations, especially from the group’s maknae, dating rumors and speculations linking him to other personalities continue to emerge. But, while he has never directly acknowledged the rumors, he reportedly previously hinted what his real status is before the public.

KpopStarz said that Jungkook once gave his fans some insight into his love life. His statements seemingly confirmed that he is not seeing or dating anyone these days.

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Having Romantic Relationships Is Not A Priority To Jungkook

In December of 2020, Jungkook shared that he prefers to sleep rather than date someone. This reportedly makes sense considering the hectic schedules BTS has had in the last few years.

The same publication also claimed that the Still With You singer has deemed having romantic relationships “not a priority.” He is said to have asserted in one of his interviews that it is not on his radar “at the moment.”

Meanwhile, sleep has been a subject that the K-pop idol always talks about in most of his engagements. He has repeatedly highlighted the importance of getting enough of it.

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BTS Dating Rumors, Involving BLACKPINK Member Lisa

Jungkook may have clarified his stance regarding having relationships in the past. But, this did not stop the rumors from developing further.

Earlier this month, the BTS member faced new dating speculations, linking him to BLACKPINK member Lisa. It came after the MONEY rapper posted a photo on Instagram about three weeks ago, according to Kbizoom.

Many believed that the clothing item she wore came from Jungkook’s brother’s brand, causing more speculations to surface. Following all the talks, though, the two K-pop idols maintained their silence.

This is not the first time the BTS and BLACKPINK members sparked dating rumors. Moreover, Lisa is not the only person that has been linked to Jungkook.

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