Kim Jong Kook Sparks Steroids Abuse After Overseas Bodybuilder Shares Suspicion



Kim Jong Kook tried to join another industry and started his own YouTube channel where he shares gym-related content.

The page, which he calls GYM JONG KOOK, already has over 2.2 million subscribers two months since he first created it. He already featured several celebrities in his channel and shared their secret toward fit and ideal bodies.

However, one bodybuilder bet $1 million after accusing Kim Jong Kook of faking his body by abusing steroids.

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Kim Jong Kook Cannot Have That Kind Of Body Naturally At 45, Says Bodybuilder

Last month, Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette uploaded his video Kim Jung Kook \\ Natty or Not, where he breaks down the variety show star's workouts. At the same time, he also accused him of depending on steroids to maintain his physique.

According to bodybuilder, there is no way a 45-year-old could have a body like that. Although he called Kim Jong Kook's body something amazing, he reportedly cannot determine the idol's true physique.

"He looks amazing. Does he look enhanced? No. He looks natural. So why do I not think he's natural? Well the fact that he looks like he could be competing for a men's physique competition! At 45!" he said.

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He also explained some scientific facts about males' natural testosterone and how they lose it over time. Since Kim Jong Kook reportedly looks better, he assumes he is on HRT (hormone replacement therapy). While he did not want to accuse him of overdosing his steroids, it seemed like that is the current case since nobody reportedly can have that kind of body.

Doucette ended his video by challenging everyone and betting $1 million on his accusations.

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Kim Jong Kook Hits Back, Denies Greg Doucette Claims

Kim Jong Kook, in return, dismissed the claims and shared a speed workout video on his channel giving his fans tips on how to achieve that kind of body at 45 without using steroids.

Per the Running Man star, one can accomplish it with steady effort and mental strength.

"I will teach you how to exercise in a short, but intense way," he said. "Just because I'm in the gym for a long time doesn't mean my body gets better."

Since he already broke his silence, fans now hope that the Canadian bodybuilder will stop his baseless accusations about the Korean singer.

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