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Lee Ji Hoon Speaks Up Whether He Truly Abused His Status On Sponsor Or Not

Credit: Dinner Mate/MBC TV

Lee Ji Hoon became subject to criticism after allegedly using his status as a celebrity on the set of "Sponsor."

YTN Star initially reported that a staff member of Lee Ji Hoon's Sponsor sent a message to the team's chatroom and shared an unpleasant member on the set. The unnamed staff member revealed that one of the actors brought a friend who spoke ill at them.

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The actor already apologized for the behavior of his acquaintance. But it did not take long before he became the subject of newly emerged issues related to the series' production.

Lee Ji Hoon Reportedly Caused Sponsor Writers To Lose Their Jobs

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Credit: Dinner Mate/MBC TV

After the staff member shared their experience with Lee Ji Hoon's friend, writer Park Gye Hyung came forward and told YTN star that he was fired from the drama because of the actor.

The writer revealed that the actor constantly complained about his screen time. The writer also alleged that the actor caused half of the staff members to be replaced, with the original workers getting fired without notice.

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Per Park Gye Hyung, his lack of screentime caused him to ask the production company to fire him. The development reportedly led to staff deleting all the parts that had been filmed.

In addition, the writer disclosed he and the director had planned the script of the series – which he initially titled Desire. He also prepared until episode already until the production hired a writer for episodes 3 and 4, changing the plotline.

While he had the chance to write for the new script, his name was also removed from the credits. The writer is still under a contract with the production company, preventing him from starting a new work.

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Lee Ji Hoon Dismisses Writer Park Gye Hyung's Statement

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Credit: Dinner Mate/MBC TV

Following the emergence of the allegation, Lee Ji Hoon broke his silence and posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram account.

According to the actor, the writer exaggerated and distorted several parts of his statement. He successfully maintained a good working relationship with the staff members only until now when the problem occurred.

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Part of his statement reads:

"The first distorted truth is that my friend did not prepare a birthday party for me that morning. But thankfully, two of my fans provided food for all the staff members. Then, after the morning shoot ended, for a very short moment, they congratulated me on my birthday in the basement parking lot. That is all. The second [distorted truth] is that I took off my pants and made a fuss, which is a ridiculous rumor that is circulating. I swear with my name that nothing like that ever happened. All the staff members on set saw and know that this is the absoute truth. When it wasn't a shoot at a set but outside, there wasn't a good place to change so I used the car, the bathroom, the street, and hallways to change, but each of those times my staff members covered me up."

He also said that his friend never had a conflict with the film director. However, Lee Ji Hoon noted he held him back when his acquaintance almost started a physical altercation. Lastly, he insisted he never abused his status as a celebrity, saying he is not capable of doing such a thing.

In the end, Lee Ji Hoon urged everyone to criticize him only if he did something that hurt other people. Although he did not do anything wrong, the actor chose to be the bigger person and apologized.

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