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BTS Jin Military Service: Here's How To Send Messages to the K-pop Idol While He Serves in Military

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jin can still feel ARMYs’ love and support for him while he serves in the military.

On Tuesday, BTS’ oldest member Jin finally began his mandatory military service. The K-pop idol is expected to serve for 18 months.

The 30-year-old K-pop idol was enlisted at the boot camp at Yeoncheon, where he would undergo five weeks of basic military training. According to the Defense Ministry, it will involve grenade-throwing, marching practices, and rifle shooting.

Only a few fans were able to gather near the area, but they still did not get to see him for the last time before entering the boot camp.

But fans now have a way to connect with him while he is away.

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BTS Jin’s Personal Online Postbox Revealed

After his enlistment, a post on an online board of the Yeoncheon boot camp shared that Jin received his own personal online postbox at The Camp. The website gets online letters for Korean soldiers in the military penned by their loved ones.

Although it is open to receive letters now, the website asked everyone to avoid sending too many letters to Jin.

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“As a pilot program, trainees in our unit are allowed to use mobile phones for 30 minutes a day. They will be checking the letters that arrive online individually using their mobile phones,” the post read, per Korea JoongAng Daily. “However, since they all use the same server for the Internet, the server will become very unstable if too many online letters arrive, making it impossible for other trainees to check their letters.”

However, it has since been clarified that the post was not made by an army officer but by an employee working for The Camp’s company. Jin’s boot camp still said that fans could freely send letters without worrying about the server.

When Is BTS Jin’s Discharge?

Jin is expected to complete his mandatory military service on June 12, 2024. Aside from celebrating his completion, ARMYs will also mark the boy group’s debut anniversary on that day.

While waiting, fans can message Jin and monitor his discharge date and military status online.

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol sent his fans a heartfelt message before entering the military.

“Although an article I hoped wouldn’t be published was [released], ARMY, you can’t come to the training camp ㅠㅠ There will be a lot of other people there besides me, and it might be dangerous due to the chaos. I love you, ARMY,” he said.

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