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BTS Jin Diet 2022: How He Transformed His Unhealthy Eating Habits Revealed

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jin is among the members of the group who followed an extremely unhealthy diet in the past. This caused him to suffer from malnutrition, which is reportedly unusual among K-pop idols.

Reports said it happened during the Blood, Sweat, and Tears era. But, after realizing his old, bad eating habits, he has since changed for the better.

These days, Jin follows a balanced and healthy diet regimen, according to Channel-Korea. Fans and followers are said to be “relieved” after learning that their idol had finally transformed and improved his views on diet.

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How The Worldwide Handsome Keeps Healthy, And In Shape

The publication claimed that the oldest member of BTS usually takes a plate of chicken sausage and egg white omelet for his breakfast. As for lunch, he eats chicken breast alongside a handful of green vegetables.

Jin reportedly consumes the same set of meals for his dinner to end the day. When he wants a snack, vegetable soup is his go-to food.

These are the only available details about the K-pop idol’s diet in recent years. It is also noted that he, sometimes, still observes a strict regimen, although he ensures to follow a healthy one.

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In addition to his much healthier eating habits, the so-called “Worldwide Handsome” complements them with an effective workout routine. These are the things that keep him healthy and in shape.

About BTS Jin And His Unhealthy Diet

Jin confessed and unveiled his unhealthy diet in 2017, according to Kpop Starz. Alongside the rest of BTS, he talked about the matter during an engagement with Please Take Care of My Refrigerator on JTBC.

The K-pop idol recalled that he restricted himself from eating anything except two packs of chicken breast. This went on for over a year, eating only chunks of white meat every single day.

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The BTS member also shared that he even refused to take vitamins at the time. He believed that it would help him lose so much more weight.

However, this resulted in malnutrition, causing him to change his ways. He has since learned his lesson and has always discouraged co-members and fans to follow the same diet regimen.

Watch this space for more BTS Jin news.

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