BTS Members Made Full Recovery Following COVID-19 Contraction

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The members of BTS are currently on their official period of rest. It marks the second time that they have taken a break from releasing music and making appearances.

The K-pop group remained active throughout 2020 and 2021. They engaged with fans and followers and dropped new singles amid the COVID-19 pandemic, causing them to reach global popularity.


Following their last concert in the United States, though, some of the idols contracted the virus. They immediately observed quarantine, and have since recovered, according to People.

RM and Jin Recovered Following 10-Day Quarantine

On Tuesday, Big Hit Music released an official statement, informing fans and followers about the members' COVID-19 status. As announced, RM and Jin made a recovery after "receiving treatment from home for the past ten days" beginning on December 25.

The two K-pop idols have now also started to return to their day-to-day activities. It is stated, as well, that neither of them "exhibited any particular symptoms during their quarantine." But, the oldest member of the group "had a slight fever" in the early days of his infection.


The label, later on, thanked fans who have "shown concerns" for the idols' health. It also acknowledged those who are in the medical field for "doing their best to overcome COVID-19."

Suga Making The First Recovery

On Monday, Big Hit Music announced, as well, the recovery of another BTS member from COVID-19. Koreaboo released a report on the matter, detailing the status of Suga's health.

The label made the statement through the septet's official channel on Weverse. It noted that the idol concluded his 10-day quarantine on the same at noon.


Big Hit Music also revealed that the Dynamite singer did not show any symptoms amid his isolation. He was said to be "recuperating while resting at home" at the time.

The agency ended the post by assuring BTS fans and followers that it will "vigilantly follow the healthcare guidelines." It pointed out, as well, that they will prioritize the health of their artists.