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BTOB Minhyuk Says He Struggled While Expanding Career as a Soloist

Credit: BTOB Official/YouTube Screenshot

BTOB Minhyuk spoke candidly about his life as an idol.

Minhyuk first entered the K-pop scene when he debuted with BTOB in March 2012 through their first single, Insane. They went on to release Korean and Japanese albums that put them in the spotlight even more.

As for his solo career, Minhyuk debuted in Japan in 2018 before debuting in Korea months later. Although years have passed since he challenged himself, the idol admitted that he went through struggles while establishing his identity as a solo artist.

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BTOB Minhyuk Revealed How He Pushed Himself as a Solo Artist

Minhyuk recently flaunted his ripped physique during a photo shoot for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan (via Heraldpop).

During the interview, the Waiting For You hitmaker opened up about going through difficulties before being able to establish his identity.

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“I’m a person who likes to receive attention and love, so it’s hard when that doesn’t happen. It took a long time for BTOB to become known. Even after being loved as a group, I wondered about my identity. ‘What’s my role in here?’ BTOB is my biggest pride, but I couldn’t prove myself with it,” he said.

Minhyuk also spoke about his desire not to be disrespected. So when he received comments that he was incompetent, he used it as a driving force instead and challenged himself to show everyone what he’s got.

Minhyuk Wants More in His Career

The idol also reflected on his desire to “go higher” in his personal and professional lives.

To do so, he reportedly observed a repeated cycle to enhance his capacity as a person and an idol.

He disclosed that he feels the need to work hard to show his skills and prove himself. Despite his busy schedule, he makes sure to go on a vacation and still work out wherever he is.

“When you’re a rookie, you don’t know that you can’t come this far with just your ability. You’ll have to experience it. Everyone comes to see you when you’re loved, but how many people will be with you when you’re down? Arrogant people will have nobody around them,” he went on.

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