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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 67 First Preview Revealed

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The next chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will reveal if the titular hero was killed, and fans of Masashi Kishimoto's popular shonen franchise are excited to find out.

Boruto karma
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Credit: Shueisha
Boruto karma

In a recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha shared a promo that reveals that Boruto is still fighting Kawaki, so this means that he somehow survived Kawaki's deadly attack. In the previous chapter, Kawaki was forced to kill Boruto after Momoshiki has taken control of his body, and Naruto was shocked to see his son apparently killed, but it looks like the next chapter will reveal how he survived it.

The new promo for the next Boruto chapter reads: "Boruto and Kawaki, whose fates have been turned upside down by Karma! Their fierce battle over Karma has reached a new stage. What lies ahead [for them]".

As you notice, Shueisha is keeping it vague. Some fans have already shared speculations following Boruto's shocking "death", but as many predicted, Naruto's son lives on, and will continue to fight in Chapter 67. We will likely find out more about Kawaki and Boruto's Karma, and hopefully, Boruto will be able to regain control of his body, and permanently suppress Momoshiki. We might also see more of Naruto's reactions in the early pages. And let's not forget: the villainous Code, the clairvoyant Ada, and the mysterious Daemon. They will likely get into action soon, but the next chapter will clearly continue to focus on Boruto and Kawaki's ongoing battle.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 67 is expected to be released on Feb. 20-21. Expect more previews in the next few days leading to the chapter's release. You can read more details about the latest chapter here.

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