Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 67 Spoilers: Kawaki vs. Code & Boruto's Resurrection

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the popular monthly shonen series by creator Masashi Kishimoto and artist Mikio Ikemoto, is returning with a new chapter in February 2022. The next chapter will likely reveal if a certain main character has survived a powerful attack.

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Credit: Shueisha

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66 and 67.

Now, Naruto fans can't wait to find out if Boruto actually died after Kawaki hits him with a killer attack, but is there more to that scene? Here's everything you need to know about Boruto Chapter 67:

Boruto Chapter 67 Spoilers: Is Boruto still alive?

Boruto Kawaki
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Credit: Shueisha
Boruto Kawaki

In the previous chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ended in a tragic way: During an intense fight between Borushiki (Momoshiki temporarily controlling Boruto's body) and Kawaki, Kawaki pierces Boruto straight to the chest... "at least a meter of Kawaki's transformed arm has gone out the other side", which is now pouring blood.

Naruto watches in horror as Kawaki pushes his arm deeper, bringing the two face-to-face, then he retracts his arm, sending Boruto flying through the air and lands in a crumpled heap. Boruto is laying down on his back, with his head turned to his right side. The final page of Chapter 66 reveals that there's a gaping hole in his chest, and Naruto looks shocked to see his son down.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Boruto Ada
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Credit: Shueisha
Boruto Ada

On Feb. 17, major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 have been leaked by OrganicDinosaur, and it reveals a colored cover image featuring the clairvoyant cyborg Ada. The title of the chapter is Rift, and the splash text is about the effect of Ada's powers if you gaze at her.

Here are the spoiler details the source shared:

Chapter 67 opens where we left off, with Boruto laying motionless with a gaping chest wound. Naruto (still in Sennin Mode) immediately rushes to Boruto, trying to rouse him. Naruto couldn't believe this is happening.

Kawaki still has his Karma and left eye activated (there's only 3 visible triangles in his eyeball for now). He's staring at Naruto and Boruto. Code is still holding a sweaty and nervous Shikimaru as hostage.

Code starts talking to Ada, and Daemon is still asleep in her lap.

Code says that he never thought that something like this could happen, and Ada snas at Code, asking him about what Code said about Boruto being important as a "Living Sacrifice" to him. Ada asks him what he's going to do if Boruto dies just like that.

Code says that there's nothing he can do about that now. He says that no one imagined that Kawaki is able to kill Boruto.

Ada says not to misunderstand her, and that she has no intentions to interfere with his objectives, but warns him not to use Kawaki as a Living Sacrifice as a substitute for Boruto-kun, and that she won't forgive him if he does that.

Code says that he couldn't give a simple answer about that right now, and that they should meet up at a later time to talk about it.

Then suddenly, Code slashes the ground with three claw marks on his left, and Kawaki notices. Code tells Kawaki, how dare of him to do that to a "Living Sacrifice", and that there's a pressing issue, so he needs to retreat for a bit. He then tells him that if if he acquires "Power", things will still be the same for him. He'll never be free as long as he lives, and that he's at the mercy of something else.

Kawaki glares back at Code, and Code releases Shikimaru, kicking him in the back and away from himself, and Shikimaru is apparently hurt.

Shikimaru is able to gain his footing, and Code is freely falling backwards, trying to escape with his prepared claw marks.

Code says bye and to see him again next time.

Kawaki then focuses his activated eye (now with four visible triangles at the claw marks). They're starting to shrink into three, sub-centimeter thin lines, and Code looks behind him, surprised.

Code is surprised, and he crashes to the ground. The claw marks are too small and narrow to be usable now.

Code Boruto
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Credit: Shueisha
Code Boruto

Code notices that the 'Claw Marks' are at a size where it's impossible to use them. They were shrinked. Kawaki continues to slowly walk and approach Code without saying a word.

Code slashes the ground again to create three claw marks, but the claw marks shrink down once again, so they can't be used. Code looks more frustrated now.

Kawaki keeps approaching him, walking in a cool way. Kawaki says that hit doesn't lim Code understand what's going on, and that it's not the time to be pompously talking about the destinies of other people. He stares intently right at Code, and kawaki says that it doesn't matter what entity threatens the life of Nanadaime, and that he'l eliminate a "Brother', and that he doesn't have a reason to let Code escape, especially an asshole like him.

We get to see a detailed panel of Kawaki's activated eye (still at four triangles). Kawaki arches forward, and he attempts to impale Code with around six short, black rods. However, Code dodges them by hopping away to his right. Code transforms his right arm into a claw and tries to take a swipe at Kawaki, and Kawaki simply holds up his left arm to block it. Kawaki immediately counters by using his right fist to punch Code right in the face, and Code gets sent flying back a bit, landing on the ground. Kawaki then takes the opportunity to use his right foot to kick him in the abdomen while eh's down. This time, Code is sent flying a lot further, and Code had to use his claw-hands to brace himself and cling to the ground for stability.

Code is thinking that he's no match for him, and that it's bad. Kawaki continues approaching Code, who's struggling to get back up.

Meanwhile, Shikimaru spots Naruto, who's cradling a limp Boruto in his arms. Shikimaru dashes straight towards them, and Naruto is screaming at a lifeless Boruto to open his eyes. Shikimaru calls Naruto, and Naruto keeps calling Boruto's name and tells him to wake up.

Shikimaru sees a hole in Boruto's chest, and Boruto is still not responsive.

Shikimaru is still sweating profusely as he sees Boruto's condition, and Shikimaru curses, then asks Naruto if he's alright. Naruto replies to him without taking his eyes off Boruto, and tells him that he's having a bad dream, and that this can't e happening.

Shikimaru notices that Naruto deactivated his Sennin Mode, then tells him that this is a difficult situation, but the battle is not over yet. Naruto keeps saying that this can't be happening, repeatedly. Despite Shikimaru's pleas, Naruto is still looking down at his lap, and Shikimaru raises his voice, and calls Naruto's name again.

There are explosions in the ground right next to them from behind, and Code has jumped into the air, emerging from a cloud of dust. Kawaki has wound his right arm back for another strike, and Code's left (transformed) arm blocks the blow.

Shikimaru just keeps observing the battle from a distance, and says that Kawaki is cornering Code, and that it's going to be a nuisance for them if they let him get away. Shikimaru says that he'll back him up and that they can bring him down all in one go, telling Naruto to do it now.

Despite Shikimaru's urges, Naruto continues to stare down at Boruto, and Shikimaru says nothing, then he starts to snap at Naruto, screaming even louder at him, telling thim to get it together as a Hokage, calling him an asshole. He says that this is something that Boruto chose for himself in order to protect all of them. Naruto doesn't make an eye contact with Shikimaru.

Meanwhile, the battle rages on between Kawaki and Code. The scene suddenly shifts to them in the midst of battle. Three short, black rods piercing into Code's left shoulder, and Code gets pushed back again.

Kawaki is still stalking Code, advancing towards him in a menacing way. Code is thinking that he's going to get killed at this rate, wondering how Kawaki is doing this.

Kawaki is now at arms-width away from Code again, and Code is trying to get up and off the ground after dealing with Kawaki's last attack. Kawaki raises his left palm right and aims it right at Code's face. Kawaki is charging up energy in the center of his palm, and he's in point blank range.

Kawaki says that someone wanted to meet me, and that he doesn't know anything about their motives. He says that if they dare and try to oppose the Nanadaime, eh won't have any mercy for them either.

Code suddenly pulls back his cloak with his left hand. With his right hand, Code starts to dig into the clear mark that's splitting his face and hairline. There are four triangles in Kawaki's eye.

Kawaki says that he'll be starting with him, and calls him asshole.

A huge blast engulfs the battlefield, and Naruto is still clutching on Boruto's lifeless body. Shikimaru braces himself for the aftershock and dust. However, he spots something in the clearing clouds.

It's Kawaki's body, which seems unresponsive. It's as if he himself has taken most of the damage from the attack. Kawaki tumbles backwards and rolls over his own head as his body slides along the ground from the blast impact. He then ends up laying face-down to the ground, limbs akimbo. He hasn't made a single noise, and Naruto and Shikimaru are shocked.

Shikimaru wonders how Kawaki got blown away.

The clouds of dust begin to settle, and Code is crouching on the ground. With just his right arm, Code had managed to pull Daemon through the claw mark that was situation on his own head. Daemon is back, facing towards Kawaki. Daemon is only half-way pulled out: It looks like Daemon is stacked right on top of his head, and Code is steadying Daemon by holding onto his waist.

The manga switches scene to Ada, where the other half of Daemon's legs are dangling from the claw mark that was applied to her sleeve, and it looks pretty awkward. Ada looks upset as she looks at what just happened.

Ada tells Code that he just dragged out Daemon, and Daemon wonders where he is. Daemon's eyes are both not activated even though they're open. They're both light-colored and outlined.

Code apologizes to Daemon for waking him up, and says that he saved him thanks to his Reflection ability.

Shikimaru looks back at the two of them stacked up. His eyes widen in shock. He asks what's with "that kid".

Daemon asks Code why he's fighting and who's the enemy, and that he'll crush them to bits. Code then slowly starts to shove Daemon back where he came from, and he tells Daemon that it's over for now, and that he better go back. Code says they will talk about this later.

Ada catches Daemon as he completely transfers back into her arms, and Daemon asks what that was all about.

Ada says that it was such a selfish trick for Code to pull off, but asks if Kawaki is safe.

Code is listening to Ada with his right palm held up to his ear, and he then simultaneously reaches his left hand into yet another claw mark on his right wrist. A hand (form the wrist only) emerges from a claw mark right next to Kawaki's face on the ground. Kawaki is still motionless and still hasn't made any sound. With two fingers, Code takes Kawaki's pulse on his carotid artery (on the side of his neck).

Code tells Ada not to worry, and that her Prince is alive, and Ada says that's a relief, but says that he's the one who's ought to be relieved, and that depending on his answer, he would've sent Daemon back over in order to dispose of him.

Daemon is just kicking back and relaxing.

Kawaki is still laying there face-down. He still hasn't moved or made any sounds. Code takes his palm away from his ear.

Code says that he doesn't like the situation at all, but he says that at least he can't compete with Kawaki at all, especially at his current state. He says that he will have to release his "Limiter" and make Amado restore his True Power.

Shikimaru looks over, but Code has already vanished into a claw mark. Two fresh ones were made in an X shape.

Shikimaru says that he got away, and Naruto turns his head to the side to stare at Shikimaru from the corner of his eye. He then sees an unconscious Kawaki laying on the ground.

Shikimaru says that they'll have to think about how to deal with Kawaki from here on out, and Naruto asks what he means by that.

Shikimaru says that it hasn't been decided, and that he killed a comrade with his own bare hands. Even if they take the extenuating circumstances into account, he did it without hesitation.

Naruto says that as for what Kawaki did...the onus wasn't just on him.

Shikimaru says that may be the case, but they would've had to deal with Momoshiki's 'Power' sooner or later. They might not have any other options but to deal with him like that anyway, and from his perspective, the most problematic thing is the fact that the "bastard" will do whatever it takes for the sake of his goals. He made it clear during this recent incident.

Naruto tells him that since Shikimaru asked how they should deal with him, he asks if they should drive him away, off to somewhere else, and Shikimaru says that's not what he meant, and that they should uphold their reputation with the other villages. They can't just unilaterally abandon all responsibility of him, and that's the reason why they should figure out what to do. There will probably be some backlash within the village, and that the public opinion is bad enough as it is already.

Naruto says that guy is a brother to Boruto, and that he's just like family to them too, and that no one else would support him.

Shikimaru asks if that's how Naruto actually feels, and Naruto tells him to stop. Shikimaru says that he killed his son, and Naruto starts to yell back.

Suddenly, Boruto's right hand (with Karma still embedded into his palm) begins to lift up, and Boruto bumps Naruto's chest with the back of his hand. Boruto's eyes have started to open up, and his chest wound seems to be closed.

Boruto asks who they said got killed, and Naruto's eyes widen in complete disbelief. Shikimaru reacts similarly. Shikimaru asks what's going on, and Boruto starts to sit up, unassisted.

Boruto says to not just assume that someone is dead, and tears start to well up in Naruto's eyes. A stream starts to roll down his cheek, and Naruto immediately pulls in Boruto for a hug.

Naruto calls his son's name, and Shikimaru says that's impossible, and that Boruto should have died because there's a wind tunnel going through his torso.

Boruto grabs onto his shirt and chest where his gaping wound used to be. There's a black Karma pattern there now.

Shikimaru is shocked in disbelief.

Boruto is able to sit up on his own, using one hand to brace himself from behind, and suddenly wispy clouds appear in front of him. Momoshiki then appears, standing in front of and looking down at Boruto.

The flashback reveals that Momoshiki manipulated the Karma pattern to expand out and direct it to Boruto's chest wound directly in order to close it, so he was able to revive a bastard like him suing a portion of the Karma.

When Boruto asks how he was able to survive, Momoshiki appears before him, then explains how he not only saved his life, but fundamentally altered his DNA in the process:

"Part of your heart and lungs were destroyed and you lost a large amount of blood. You would've died of course, had I not interfered. I resuscitated you, using part of the Karma," Momoshiki explained. "As you know, your Karma contains all of me in data form, compressed. About 82 percent had already been extracted and diffused into your body. My resurrection would finally become possible once the remaining 18 percent finished extracting, but regrettably, not if my Vessel itself were to get destroyed beforehand. So I had no choice, but to rewrite that last 18 percent in your data, so that the cells and tissues you lost could be fabricated anew."

Momoshiki says that he can't see a reason why this happened to Boruto, but Boruto will see the reason for it eventually.

The scene switches to Ada, who's leaning on a table, and Code is now with her. Ada says that Amado is being sheltered and protected right in the center of Konoha, but there aren't any claw marks inside the village, so she wonders how he plans to get closer to him.

The scene switches back over to center upon Shikimaru's back. He's looking at Naruto and Boruto interacting a bit further away from him.

Meanwhile, Code says that it won't be a problem, and that he's already made preparations.

According to a preview for Chapter 68, the next chapter will take place after the end of the battle against Code, with Kara members Daemon and Ada waiting. We will most likely see Code execute his plans to infiltrate Konoha in order to kidnap Amado, so he can remove the Limiters that are locking up his full power. It's likely that we will also see Kawaki recover, and we might see more character development for Boruto as we see him interact with the friend who tried to kill him.

When will Boruto Chapter 67 be released?

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Credit: Shueisha

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 67 is expected to be released on Sunday, February 20.

The latest chapter is expected to be released at midnight JST on Sunday.

If this release time is accurate, the English translations for Chapter 67 should be released online at the following times, but they may be released earlier.

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday, Feb. 20
Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday, Feb. 20
Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday, Feb. 20
British Time: 5 PM on Sunday, Feb. 20

Where to read Boruto Chapter 67?

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Credit: Shueisha

You can read the Boruto Chapter 67 on Viz Media and Manga Plus once it comes out. Viz Media lets you read the first three and the last three chapters for free, but if you want to access all the chapters, you will need to subscribe for a Shonen Jump membership, which costs only $1.99 a month. MangaPlus will also let you read the latest chapter for free, but you will need to subscribe as well.

Note that MangaPlus is available worldwide except in Japan, China, and South Korea which already have their own services, including Shōnen Jump+, the original Japanese service.


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