Borderlands Movie Reportedly Stuck in Production Hell

Credit: Gearbox Software

Credit: Gearbox Software

The film adaptation of the hit video game Borderlands wrapped its production back in 2021. However, now that two years have passed, we still don't know when the film will finally come out.

There were also reports that the project has been more troubled than usual as it underwent reshoots earlier this year under the supervision of another director after the test screenings showed that the film needed more polishing.

Now, as we're still speculating about the long-gestated release of the film, a new report has emerged which suggests that the project's trouble behind-the-scenes issues might be bigger than we thought.

Borderlands is Allegedly in Post-Production Hell According to Report

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Credit: Gearbox Software

A new report from World of Reel has claimed that the film adaptation of Borderlands is currently in so-called "post-production hell" and Lionsgate has still not decided on its release date despite the very long delay.

After undergoing reshoots earlier this year where Tim Miller took over the directorial duty from Eli Roth, the next change that has now happened for the project is on the writing side.

The film's WGA page revealed that The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin has officially removed his name from the writing credits and will now instead be credited under the pseudonym of "Joe Crombie."

While we have no idea what the gravity of the problem is, we do know now that the issue is so big that Mazin doesn't want to attach his name to the project anymore.

In addition, more writers were also hired to contribute to the script with names such as Aaron Berg, Oren Uziel, Juel Taylor, Tony Rettenmaier, Zak Olkewicz, Chris Bremner, and the controversial Euphoria and The Idol showrunner Sam Levinson.

The report also did not indicate whether the issues are caused by studio interference or creative problems by the filmmakers. Either way, none of this is encouraging especially since it has Oscar winners on its cast such as Cate Blanchett and Jamie Lee Curtis.

We should be hearing more news and updates about this project in the coming months. Hopefully, by that time, we finally have a release date and the issues will finally be resolved.

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Lionsgate has not set a release date yet for Borderlands.

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