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Bocchi x Kita Shippers Take Over Twitter After Bocchi the Rock!'s Yuri Moment

Bocchi the Rock Hitori

Bocchi the Rock! continues to be one of this season’s most talked-about anime thanks to its creative animation and loveable cast. In the latest episode, many Bocchi the Rock! fans were delighted to see a subtle yuri moment between Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou and Ikuyo Kita.

After the episode aired during the weekend, fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the ship.

And as you might’ve expected, a lot of Bocchi x Kita fan art has been shared since Episode 10’s release.

Bocchi the Rock! Yuri Moments

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Given the all-female cast of the show, some anime fans who aren’t familiar with the show might think of it as a yuri anime.

While it does have some yuri elements, romance isn’t the focus of the show. Instead, it’s friendship and music.

Specifically, the series centers around Bocchi, an extremely introverted high school student who wishes to be in a band.

In the series, she finally gets to join one when she meets Nijika Ijichi, a drummer for the Kessoku Band.

The band gets fully formed with the addition of Ikuyo Kita, a schoolmate of Bocchi who has a crush on the band’s bassist, Ryo Yamada.

In fact, she was originally a member of the band even before Bocchi as she wanted to get close to Ryo.

While this premise is something from a yuri anime, Kita’s admiration of Ryo has been fading as she gets to know her more.

Though fans have now begun to ship Kita with the main character, Bocchi.

There aren’t a lot of signs yet regarding the romance between the two, but it’s undeniable that their bond is becoming deeper as the show progresses.

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Hitori Gotou x Ikuyo Kita Shippers and Fan Art

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In the latest episode, it was revealed that Kita was the one who submitted the school festival performance application, which shows how much Kita knows about what Bocchi truly wants.

The final part of the episode even showed a touching moment between the two, sending shippers into overdrive.

What’s interesting is that even before the tenth episode, there are already lots of Bocchi and Kita fan art being shared online, indicating that readers of the manga have been shipping them for quite some time now.

But after Episode 10, even more fan art was shared online, especially from the Japanese fanbase.

If you check out ぼ喜多 or “BoKita” on Twitter, you’ll see lots of fan-made illustrations featuring the two.

Have you also caught the shipping bug? Catch more of Bocchi and Kita in the next Bocchi the Rock! episode which releases next weekend on Crunchyroll.

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