Blue Period Anime Ending Explained

After 12 amazing episodes, Blue Period wrapped up - at least for now. There's a lot to love about the ending. It's satisfactory and reassuring, telling you that the characters will most likely do okay. At the same time, it leaves the door open for a second season, with more insights into their artistic journeys as young adults. This is manga territory at the moment, but it might well translate into our screens at some point. For now, here are all your questions about the ending of the Blue Period anime explained.

Blue Period Anime Ending Explained: How Did Yaguchi Succeed?

The three-day exam was particularly hard for Yaguchi, as he was unwell for most of it. His hives and bad headache left him almost hopelessly behind. The support of his family and friends proved integral at that time, but, in the end, none of them sat at the exam with him; he succeeded against all odds through hard work. So, how did he turn the tables?

Some viewers have been a bit irritated by Yaguchi's relentless internal monologue and self-criticism, but, at the end of the day, that's exactly what Blue Period is about. The show features the coming of age story of a boy who falls in love with painting, and the ways his life and relationships with the world and others change as a result. But it's also about the inner life and thought process of someone who wasn't born in an artistic family and hasn't trained for years but is still determined to succeed.

At the beginning of episode 12, Yaguchi realizes that his idea to depict nudity as true colors wasn't enough to grant him a place in TUA. Through unorthodox methods, such as spreading oil in his sketchbook as a reference to demonstrate the idea of transparency, he manages to improve his piece enough to leave the exam confident.

On the third day, Yaguchi is very pleasantly surprised to find that Yotasuke understood his art. The two had a love-hate relationship from the beginning, and, as much as Yaguchi doesn't like admitting it, he has idealized Yotasuke and his art.

For that latter, art is natural as breathing or eating. In that sense, Yaguchi, who came into art much later in life, had to use his inexperience as a strength. He had to be more perceptive than usual, and self-examine almost obsessively in order to understand past mistakes and stand out.

His final thought before the end of the exam is particularly striking. "Before I started making art," Yaguchi thinks, "I was transparent." This ties in well with the episode's dreamy title "When I Started to Be Dyed in Color." Before Yaguchi discovered his love for painting he was almost a mirror, reflecting others' expectations of him. Art helped him find his true colors. It has been a beautiful process of self-discovery so far, and it's only just begun.

We don't get any inside into the examiners' thought process, but Yaguchi's method paid off, giving him a place in TUA.

Blue Period Anime Ending Explained: Where Are the Characters Now?

Yaguchi is now a new art student; the road before him won't always be easy, but it will surely be exciting. Yotasuke also passed the exam. If season 2 ever happens, it will be great to see how their dynamic might shift at university.

Other classmates weren't so lucky, though. Hashida didn't manage to get into TUA, but he will still study art elsewhere. Yuka will likely keep struggling for a while, but they can hopefully manage to get into the fashion industry, according to their new dream. Kuwana unexpectedly failed, and her raw frustration gives the episode a realistic and heartbreaking note. Still, she decides to try for another year. Her sister who is already in art school tells her that she'll wait for her.

This, along with the final scene leaves us with the feeling that something is left unfinished - but not hopelessly so. Yaguchi goes to his old school to recreate the piece that got him into TUA as the studio where it all started. When he leaves for a moment, Mori, whose painting originally inspired him to go into art, walks in.

The pattern of Mori and Yaguchi missing each other is consistent throughout the anime. Their meeting was brief but extremely impactful, and it now comes full circle. Mori sees Yaguchi's artwork and is impressed by it, just as he was once impressed by hers. This is such a beautiful way to end what has been a show about inspiration, hard work, and fighting for one's dreams no matter what.

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