Blue Lock Opening Song, Lyrics, Spotify, and Where to Download the Intro

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Blue Lock Opening Song Lyrics Spotify and Where to Download Intro Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

The opening song of Blue Lock is one of the most exciting things to look forward to. Blue Lock's opening song should be as catchy as the anime's premise, given all the hype surrounding the sports anime. In that regard, here is the latest information on Blue Lock's opening song!

Sports anime, like other anime genres, has catchy opening songs. At times, the opening songs leave long-lasting impressions on viewers, adding to the value of the show.


In addition to setting the mood and vibe of the show, the opening song also includes a narrative that shows some important details.

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Moreover, the opening song usually includes spoilers, which tell everyone what to expect in the next episodes of the anime.

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Blue Lock’s Opening Theme Song Name

Blue Lock Opening Theme Song Name Bachira and Yoichi
Credit: 8bit

The opening song of Blue Lock is Chaos ga Kiwamaru or Chaos Reigns in English.

As the title implies, Blue Lock’s opening song is full of chaos. While chaos is bad, it is a good kind of bad for the sports anime.

From the get-go, the opening song kicks the show alive with its very upbeat intro.

In fact, it's a perfect match for Blue Lock's opening visuals and animation, as a soccer ball appears on the screen and the characters zoom in one after the other.

Aside from that, Chaos ga Kiwamaru captures the essence of the Blue Lock program's competition, with 300 players competing for the title of the World's Greatest Egoist Striker.

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Blue Lock’s Opening Song Artist

Blue Lock Opening Song Artist Meguru Bachira
Credit: 8bit

Unison Square Garden, or simply USG, is a Japanese teen pop band that performs Chaos ga Kiwamaru (Chaos Reigns) in Blue Lock.

Unison Square Garden (USG) is a Toy's Factory record label band comprised of vocalist/guitarist Kosuke Saito, bassist/backing vocals Tomoya Tabuchi, and drummer Takao Suzuki.

The band also performed the opening theme songs of Welcome to the Ballroom, Tiger & Bunny Seasons 1 and 2, and Run With the Wind, in addition to Blue Lock.

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Blue Lock’s Opening Song Lyrics

Blue Lock Opening Song Lyrics Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

Blue Lock's opening song, Chaos ga Kiwamaru, is yet to be translated into English as of writing.

However, it is currently available in Japanese romaji in Lyrical Nonsense.

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Where to Listen to Blue Lock’s Opening Song

Where to Listen to Blue Lock's Opening Song Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

Blue Lock's opening song, Chaos ga Kiwamaru (Chaos Reigns), is available for streaming and download on Spotify and Apple Music.

The opening song is also free to watch on EMOTION Label Channel's official YouTube channel.


Furthermore, the official music video for Unison Square Garden's Chaos ga Kiwamaru will be available on the pop band's YouTube channel beginning October 25, 2022, assuming there's no delay in the live broadcast.