BLOCK B UKwon Sparks Wedding Buzzes Following Military Discharge



BLOCK B UKwon hyped his fans with his recent military discharge, but he might surprise them with another news soon.

On November 21, UKwon's agency confirmed that the K-pop idol had been discharged following his final leave from the military on October 1.

BLOCK B's official Instagram account welcomed him back by sharing a photo of him and congratulating him on his completion.

"Congratulations to Block B's sunshine U-Kwon on his military discharge! From now on, let's have a good time with U-Kwon who has returned to the honeybees [nickname for Block B's fans BBC]," the caption said.

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BLOCK B UKwon Sparks Marriage Rumors

UKwon's discharge immediately caused fans to assume he would soon marry his girlfriend of 10 years, model Jeon Sunhye. The couple has been dating since he was still a rookie, and UKwon first publicized it in 2012, a year after BLOCK B entered the K-pop scene.

Before his enlistment, UKwon already showed his desire to settle down once he completed his duty. He also shared his thoughts on marrying Jeon Sunhye, to which the model replied with a heartfelt message.

"You're always the best to me, you're the coolest, and you're the only man in my eyes, so don't worry too much," she said. "Just as you've been by my side, I'll be by your side."

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UKwon revealed that his girlfriend is his first love and that she is four years older than him. Through the years, the K-pop idol showered her with kind words, calling her very understanding and sympathetic, especially since he is in the K-pop industry.

BLOCK B UKwon Reveals Why He Chose To Make Relationship Public

Dating in the entertainment industry has been a curse since it reportedly affects the amount of attention an idol or group receives.

Far from that thought, UKwon shared the real reason why he decided to tell his fans about his relationship years ago. His fans, in return, supported his choice and told him to date as much as he wanted. The decision also never became something he should feel regretful about.

"At that time, things went differently than expected, so I regretted it, but not now. My girlfriend has great style, so my fans see her as a role model. Many of them want to follow her style," he said on Video Star.

UKwon initially thought of getting married before entering the military. However, since the military law changed, he then had second thoughts on whether he should get married before or after his service.

Now that he completed his service, it is highly likely he would tie knots with her in the next few years – or months!

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