EXO Shock: Suho Will Get Married In 2022, According To Fan

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EXO members will get married sooner or later, and they will establish their own families just like everybody else does.

Since the Hallyu Wave began, K-pop idols have been ensuring they will not date while they are in the industry – or at least try not to get caught. All of them believe that even a single dating rumor can immediately break the career they have been working on for a long time.


But in the past years, more K-pop stars have become more open about their relationships. Some even welcomed their children recently, and one of them is EXO's Chen. Though the K-pop idol just bombarded their fans with his marriage and birth news, one member will reportedly follow Chen and tie knots next year.

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Will Suho Get Married In EXO After Chen?


On Nate's Pann, an EXO-L claimed EXO S-H would get married next year. Through a poster, the fan shared their thoughts and predictions, telling the platform's user that S-H would exactly tie knots in February 2022.

However, there had been a little misunderstanding as EXO has two members with the S-H initials – Suho and Sehun. But the fan quickly clarified it and revealed S-H is not the younger one. Thus, it is Suho they were referring to. The poster added the K-pop idol would hold the ceremony following his expected February discharge.

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Although this should be taken with a grain of salt, for now, Suho has been bombarded with well wishes from fans who support him if ever he would truly get married soon. Some fans, unfortunately, failed to accept the fact that it could happen sooner or later.


One fan said, "Ngi why people think that suho will get married soon? I mean, if that's true then I'll be happy for him but don't spread rumors plsss."

"' fans are nervous' huhh?? no we are not. it's suho's private life! if he wants to get married, he can and as fans we will support his decision and continue to love him, his music and respect him as EXO's leader," another wrote.

Is EXO Suho Currently In A Relationship?

Some fans were shocked upon reading the news. But some reminded everyone that the EXO member is currently single and not dating anyone in secret. In fact, he has been vocal about his relationship, especially the one with her first love.

During his appearance on Youngha's Starry Night, he revealed that he wants to be with a girl who loves literature and has long hair. He also imagined how peaceful it would be to spend time with his girl while reading books together.

Though he remains single, Suho has also been linked to several K-pop idols, including Red Velvet's Irene, TWICE's Sana, and BLACKPINK Jisoo.


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