Blind Updates And Spoilers: 2PM Taecyeon, Ha Seok Hin, And Apink Eunji Raise Curiosity In New Poster For Upcoming Mystery Kdrama

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

The tvN new Kdrama Blind has been attracting potential viewers with a thrilling poster featuring Ha Seokjin and Jung Eunji’s suspicious hands surrounding Ok Taecyeon. Blind will premiere on September 16 and is scheduled to air new episodes every Friday and Saturday.

It will depict the story of ordinary citizens who have experienced unfairness and injustice; and perpetrators who have turned their eyes away from the truth.

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tvN Kdrama Blind Attracts Attention With Leads Ok Taecyeon, Ha Seokjin, And Jung Eunji

The new tvN Kdrama Blind, starring Ok Taecyeon, Ha Seokjin, and Jung Eunji as Ryu Sung-Joon, Ryu Sung-hoon, and Jo Eun-ki, respectively, stimulated the touch of reasoning with a character teaser video that depicted concealed events, facts, and the actors racing around in search of people.

Amidst this, it is a key poster demonstrating the intricate connection between the three persons who examine the same incident from distinct angles.

In particular, the poster depicts fastidious judge Ryu Sung-hoon reaching out suspiciously to human-first welfare worker Jo Eun-ki, with impassioned investigator Ryu Sung-Joon in between them. When Ryu Sung-Joon stares into space, he appears anxious, as if the weight of his hands on either side of him is too much.

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When Ryu Sung-hoon puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder, there is no sign of alarm on the latter’s face, even though he is physically preventing his sibling from breathing. His wan grin gives chills, raising a question about the stability of the two’s relationship.

On the other hand, Jo Eun-ki’s face, which blocks Ryu Sung-Joon’s view with one hand, appears cold. Glaring eyes that seem to look right through the opponent raise suspicion even further. Jo Eun-ki can't figure out why she's hiding Ryu Sung-Joon’s gaze from her.

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tvN Heightens Anticipation For New Kdrama Blind

Furthermore, the phrase “after the trial, the real murder begins” attracts curiosity as to what the series will uncover and the unique storyline that will begin after the court trial.

As such, tvN’s Kdrama Blind is drawing interest as the main poster with the significant connection between the three main characters who are chasing the real culprit hidden in the fog.

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Meanwhile, the Kdrama Blind will premiere on September 16, 2022, at 10:40 PM KST.

Don’t forget to stay updated on the latest news, spoilers, and updates about the imminent Kdrama Blind.

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