BLACKPINK vs. Girls' Generation: Fans Expect Fierce Battle Between Two Girl Groups

Credit: Netflix Film/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Netflix Film/YouTube Screenshot

Fans are now looking forward to seeing the back-to-back return of BLACKPINK and Girls' Generation in August. As it will be a big month for the world of K-pop, their fandoms expect a fierce battle between the two legendary girl groups.

YG Entertainment finally confirmed the return of BLACKPINK in August. Girls’ Generation, alternatively, has been gearing up for their comeback in time for their 15th anniversary, which will also happen next month.

BLACKPINK, Girls’ Generation’s Comeback

According to AllKpop, with the confirmation of BLACKPINK’s comeback, many fans expect a fierce battle in the K-pop world, knowing Girls’ Generation will also make their official return in the same month.

Girls’ Generation belongs to the second generation of successful girl groups in South Korea, while BLACKPINK comes third.

With that said, will there be a showdown between the two groups?

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Insight’s post on Instagram is filled with fans’ comments, saying they’re all excited to see both groups make a comeback.

“The battle will be fierce,” one fan said. “Wow, this is crazy comeback line up," another claimed. "Finally! They are back!" a follower of the site added.

YG Confirms BLACKPINK’s Return

A YG representative confirmed BLACKPINK’s return on Wednesday, July 6. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are reportedly working on their new album, which is now in its final stages.

They, too, are set to shoot a new music video this month, while their comeback will officially happen in August.

“A lot of music that is BLACKPINK-esque has been completed with much effort over a long period of time,” a source said, per Soompi. “In order to expand BLACKPINK’s emotional connection with fans all over the world, they will set out for the largest-scale world tour in K-pop girl group history until the end of the year along with their comeback.”

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In addition to their return, they will also have “big projects” that will fit that “status,” probably like their teased world tour.

This will be the first time in almost two years that BLACKPINK will release new music as a group following the title track “How You Like That” and the Selena Gomez collaboration song “Ice Cream.”

Girls’ Generation’s Comeback

Alternatively, SM Entertainment confirmed Girls’ Generation’s return in May, with a new album coming out in August, marking the group’s 15th anniversary since they debuted in 2007.

The girls’ last release was the album Holiday Night in 2017, making it their first return in five years as an eight-member group.

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They will also have various TV appearances and a reality show of their own, Soshi Tam Tam, which premiered on Tuesday, July 5.

To tease fans more of what is to come, Sooyoung revealed in her guest appearance on tvN Story’s Take Care of Me This Week (literal English title) that they would “release a full-length album.”

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