Charlie Puth Seems to Subtly Confirm BL Relationship Theories Surrounding Left and Right Music Video with BTS Jungkook

Credit: Charlie Puth/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Charlie Puth/YouTube Screenshot

Since Charlie Puth and BTS’s Jungkook dropped their collaboration song, “Left and Right,” many believe its music video portrays a BL or boy love relationship.

After several theories and assumptions, Charlie Puth seems to confirm the claims subtly. So, is “Left and Right” about a relationship between two men?

The Alleged BL Story behind ‘Left and Right’

The song in question was released on June 24. Since then, it started to make records and earned millions of streams in an instant.

It was followed by the music video release that seemed to follow a story about Charlie Puth experiencing hardships to move on from someone.

He found it hard to remove this someone “out of his head” that he ended up needing the help of a “love doctor.” However, the video only featured two personalities: the international star and Jungkook.

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With that said, Koreaboo noted that fans couldn’t help but think that the song was about a romance between two men. The music also seemed to be strategically released during Pride Month.

To add more fuel to the fire, viewers noticed the two stars' incredible chemistry onscreen.

Thankfully, the “One Call Away” hitmaker broke his silence about it.

Charlie Puth Subtly Confirms Theories about ‘Left and Right’

Charlie Puth reposted a comment from the song’s music video on YouTube on his Instagram Story.

He highlighted the portion of the comment that praised the presumed gay characters in the clip and their relationship with each other.

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So, with this move, didn’t he just confirm the theories about the music video portraying a BL romance?

The comment reads,

“Since no one else is pictured beside the two, the assumption that the two guys are occupying each other’s mind, which I think is great! I’m all for normalizing this.”

The Success of ‘Left and Right’

Meanwhile, Jungkook and Charlie Puth first announced the coming of “Left and Right” on June 17.

At the time, the 30-year-old American singer shared a short skit where he called the BTS member, asking him to sing a few lines of the song. From there, he eventually released the final snippet.

Prior to that, the “Attention” singer had also been teasing his upcoming collaboration with the K-pop idol.

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Finally, they dropped the song on June 24, quickly climbing the top of iTunes charts all over the globe, per Pinkvilla. It debuted at No. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes chart in an instant.

Its music video, on the other hand, had crossed the 10 million views mark after 12 hours of its release. “Thanks CPF and ARMY! 10 million video views in 12 hours is NUTS!!!!!!” Charlie Puth said in a tweet.

As of this writing, “Left and Right” now has more than 77 million views on YouTube and over 50 million streams on Spotify.

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