Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Teaser, Plot And Release Date: Preview Shows NCT’s Doyoung, Han Ji Hyo In Sweet Altercation

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TVING drops a new teaser for the upcoming K-drama Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me, featuring NCT’s Doyoung and Han Ji Hyo.

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The clip teases a cute altercation between the two friends, Seo Hee Soo (Han Ji Hyo) and Park Jung Shi Ho (Doyoung), as the latter tries to protect the former from constantly dating different men. As he learns that a magical notebook is behind Seo Hee Soo’s instant popularity among guys, a different love story and adventure is about to begin in Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Teaser


Seo Hee Soo is seen with a new boyfriend every month in the new trailer. This makes Park Se Jin (Kwon Ah Reun) curious about how she instantly becomes popular with guys.

Jung Si Ho can’t help but think of the same thing. However, he will later learn that Seo Hee Soo is using a magical notebook that gives her the ability to make anyone fall for her.

This makes Jung Shi Ho incredibly worried for Seo Hee Soo.

“Will you be okay? Can you date someone with no emotions?” he asks in Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me teaser, as translated by Soompi.

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Kim Kang Wook (Son Hyun Woo) then gives Seo Hee Soo a sweet kiss on the forehead that seems to make Jung Shi Ho jealous.

“I’ll be selfish just this once,” Seo Hee Soo says.


The notebook will then cause a conflict between the two’s friendship.

“Is it nonsense that someone seems to like me?” Seo Hee Soo asks Jung Shi Ho.

“You don’t look happy at all,” Jung Shi Ho replies. “I don’t know what good or bad relationships are. So just continue doing what you like and what you’re good at.”

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Despite the fight, it can’t be denied Jung Shi Ho has shown his real feelings toward Seo Hee Soo.

The teaser ends with Jung Shi Ho giving Seo Hee Soo the brightest smile that seems to make her fall in love.

“Who did I want to be loved by?” she wonders.


Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Plot

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me tells the story of the university student Seo Heo Soo, per Asian Wiki. The aspiring lyricist has never had a boyfriend before.

One day, she learns her crush is already dating someone, leaving her disappointed and lowering her self-esteem even more.

While cradling a broken heart, she chances upon a mysterious notebook that has the power to make anyone fall in love with her for a month if she writes a song about them.

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Her best friend, Jung Shi Ho, is the only one who knows about the magical notebook. But as soon as Seo Hee Soo gets involved with different men, Jung Shi Ho starts to worry about her.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Cast, Staff and Release Date


Aside from Doyoung and Han Ji Hyo, Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me will also feature Kwon Ah Reum as Park Se Jin, Bang Jae Min as Kim Do Bin, ATO6’s Son Hyeon Wu as Kim Kang Wook and Kim Ji Hoon as Park Joon Young, Kpop Map noted.

It will be directed by Go Jae Hong and written by Go Jae Hong and Wang Hye Ji.

Fans will start to see Doyoung and Han Ji Hyo in Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me when it premieres on July 14 on TVING.

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