BLACKPINK vs. aespa: Fans Urge Public To Stop Comparing Girl Groups

Credit: BLACKPINK and SM Town

Credit: BLACKPINK and SM Town

SM Entertainment's girl group aespa debuted years after BLACKPINK began conquering the international stage. Despite the years difference, fans often compare the two and even assumed aespa would soon beat YG Entertainment's girl group, BLACKPINK.

The YGEnt's supergroup debuted four years earlier than aespa, collecting more awards and releasing more songs than the other girl group.

However, they continue to be the subject of polls since some fans think aespa is better than BLACKPINK, and some suggest otherwise.

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Fans Say Don't Compare aespa and BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK vs. aespa: Fans Urge Public To Stop Comparing Girl Groups
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A now-viral post on Pann Nate revealed how each other's fandoms are slamming both girl groups. The internet user said that the fan war probably began due to their current rivalries. Most users accused aespa of copying BLACKPINK and trying to overshadow them.

Following the emergence of the online uproar, the internet user asked everyone to stop comparing them since aespa and BLACKPINK are doing well in the industry.

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According to fans, BLINKs suspect aespa of copying BLACKPINK. In return, aespa's fans call BLACKPINK's fans sensitive before bashing the group. Although BLACKPINK currently sits on the top spot of the best K-pop girl group, they are still compared to rookie groups.

With the ongoing feud between the fandoms, fans could not do anything but ask everyone not to embroil themselves in such a useless and childish feud.

How aespa Is Different From BLACKPINK And Vice Versa

BLACKPINK vs. aespa: Fans Urge Public To Stop Comparing Girl Groups
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Although the two girl groups both have four members and are part of the K-pop industry's Big 3, aespa and BLACKPINK are different in their ways.

aespa joined the new generation of K-pop idols through single Black Mamba. They recently dropped their first EP, Savage, and ranked first in South Korea's music charts. Despite being a rookie group, they garnered awards from several award-giving bodies, including Best New Artist, New Artist of the Year – Digital, and Rookie of the Year.

BLACKPINK, on the other hand, has proven themselves and their capacity as the current Nation's Girl Group. They also frequently enter international awards shows, including People's Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and Golden Disc Awards.

On top of that, the girl group currently holds several Guinness World Records.

Both aespa and BLACKPINK do their job in their ways. No matter what they do with their music, true fans see them as someone incomparable. Thus, comparing them should never be served on the table.

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