BLACKPINK Rose, Suzy Bae Lovestagram: Here’s Why Netizens Think these K-Pop Idols are Dating

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Many netizens are watching their favorite K-pop idols’ Instagram to see any signs or hints of dating, also called Lovestagram. So, it looks like the latest in the rumor mill is BLACKPINK’s Rose and Suzy Bae.

Sure, these two are both females, but they could have been involved in dating rumors if they were opposite genders. Why? Their posts seem to be similar to each other, from the style to the places they go to.

BLACKPINK Rose, Suzy Bae Alleged Lovestagram

Social media users noticed the two K-pop stars have a lot of Lovestagram posts, making it look like they’re dating. They have the same posts and captions and they, too, have been in the same places.

There are also small hints that the “Satellite” singer seems to be referring to Rose in some of her posts.

"Suzy even studdered 'Rose' when talking about Rose sauce on a variety show,” one fan said, via AllKpop.

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“If they were a boy and girl, there would have been dating rumors and would be commotion,” another said.

However, some come to the two’s defense, saying all those similarities are just mere coincidences.

“They are not friends,” a netizen explained. “This is why you can't trust any Lovestagram deductions or random dating rumors."

Lovestagram can’t confirm that the two individuals are indeed in a relationship. It’s said to be “not trustworthy” and can’t be a main source of information.

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With that said, it’s quite impossible that Suzy Bae and Rose are seeing or going out with each other. Hence, some netizens find this claim funny, though they’re hoping they can meet up and become friends.

"There would definitely be dispatch reports and people going crazy if they were opposite genders, lol,” one fan commented.

BLACKPINK Rose, Suzy Bae Love Life

As Rose and Suzy Bae may never go on a date, just take a look at their dating history.

The former Miss A member has been known for dating Lee Min Ho before that lasted for three years. Sadly, their romance came to an end, per Pinkvilla.

She also dated Lee Dong Wook for four months and their breakup caused a stir. In addition, rumors had it the 27-year-old star had a relationship with Kim Soo Hyun and Sung Joon, but the actress denied both claims.

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Alternatively, nothing is much known about Rose’s dating life and it may have something to do with YG Entertainment’s strict rules about it.

In an interview with Radio Star, via Style Caster, in 2017, she said the label is stern about dating, though their rules are always flexible. They may eventually agree if the artist discusses something with the company executives.

“Exceptions can be made if you discuss it with the company,” she said. “The restrictions are just there to tell you not to do any of those things secretly.”

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