BLACKPINK Rose Reveals The Hardship Of Being A K-Pop Idol

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Credit: Vogue Australia/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK’s Rose opened up about her experience of joining the K-pop world at 16 and revealed it was like no other in an interview with the renowned Australian film director Baz Luhrmann for Vogue Australia.

Rose said she didn’t expect joining the K-pop world would be hard after becoming a trainee. When she thought she just had to audition to be a K-pop idol, she learned being in this business was more than just singing and dancing. In fact, she ended up fighting for her life and her dreams.

Rose’s Decision to Move to South Korea

Moving from Australia to South Korea, the aspiring K-pop star brought her passion for music with her. However, she had no idea how to achieve her dream.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I just have to go and audition,” she said, via Koreaboo. “I was not informed or educated in any form or shape of how to get to my dreams.”

She never thought her love for music would be the dream she could achieve, believing it was “all by chance.”

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At the time, she wasn’t sure what would welcome her when she joined the K-pop world. At first, she thought about what the training system would be like.

“I thought I knew what I was up for,” she admitted. However, as soon as she got there, she was told she had to practice hard.

Despite the warnings that she would be very busy, Rose was confident she could do the task. But everything changed when she saw the training system in front of her eyes.

Rose In Training

Rose told herself she could do the training. With the number of K-pop videos and Korean music she had listened to, she found it “fun.”

But when she got there, she saw 12 others girls who had been hard at work day and night for about five years already, while she was just 16 and a newcomer.

“I came from Australia. I just went to school thinking I’m just going to be a normal art teacher at school or something,” she revealed. “And so when I got there, I was like, ‘Ok, so this is quite intense.”

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This made her realize that to become a K-pop idol, she had to give her “absolute all” to the training.

She felt like she would be cut and sent back to Australia if she didn’t manage to catch up.

“I didn’t want to fly back without having achieved anything. So I ended up fighting for my life, training for my life,” she continued. “I had no time to slack off. And I remember I took every minute and every second to work on my craft so that I will make it.”

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Looking back now that BLACKPINK has become one of the world's most famous K-pop girl groups, Rose saw what she had been through as a positive experience. It helped her achieve her dream, bringing her to where she is today.

“And I think it was a good drive,” she added. “Just the fact that I had flown all the way from Australia gave me more strength or determination to strive for what I was doing.”

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