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BTS V Opened Up About Viral 2022 Grammys Skit With Olivia Rodrigo

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Credit: Recording Academy / GRAMMYs/Youtube Screenshot

BTS’s Kim Taehyung, aka V, opened up about his viral 2022 Grammys skit with Olivia Rodrigo back in April.

Opposite to what many thought that everything was planned, V revealed he had no idea to whom he would be seated next to at the time. In fact, it was just decided on the day it happened.

The Celebrated BTS Performance at the 2022 Grammys

The 26-year-old star opened up about the challenges and ideas behind the group’s much-talked-about performance of “Butter” at the 2022 Grammy in an interview with WeVerse Magazine.

It was the band’s first in-person solo stage performance after the COVID-19 pandemic. It quickly received positive reviews, thanks to its creativity and execution.

Rolling Stone even dubbed it as the 13th greatest Grammy performance of all time.

The skit started with an introduction by V and Olivia Rodrigo. Their moment instantly became viral and turned into a series of memes online.

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So, how did he up doing that scene with the “Drivers License” hitmaker? Well, it wasn’t planned at all.

"Ah, that was a suggestion from the people at the Grammys that was agreed to on the same day as the show,” he said. “So I had no way of knowing who I would end up seated next to."

However, with their great acting, everything went smoothly and perfectly. Many even noticed their onscreen chemistry, especially when he whispered to her ear. So, what did he say?

“I think I just said ‘blah blah blah’ without saying anything real,” he continued. “Leading up to the moment, I thought I could just show it on my face or set the scene—and thought I didn’t have to say anything in particular—so I wasn’t saying anything special.”

BTS V No Time to Practice the Scene with Olivia Rodrigo

V went on to confess that they didn’t have the time to practice their skit, so he found it hard to make sure that the timing of his card throwing would be right.

He even said that the scene was only improvised.

"Yes. So if we had kept going with the conversation, I could have missed the timing on throwing the card,” he explained. “I was counting the beat in my head the whole time to keep track of when I should throw it.”

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He also found it difficult to understand what Olivia Rodrigo was saying, knowing he had in-ears in both ears.

“I was so worried over doing the clothing choreography properly and it was all I could talk about before going on stage,” he added. “We only had the day of and the day before to get it right before going up there all together, so I was more worried about that than anything else."

The Movie Scene That Inspired BTS’s ‘Butter’ Performance

As a movie lover, V revealed that the card trick scene and the “Butter” performance were inspired by the Now You See Me movies.

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“The way the performance on the stage unfolded also reminded me of Jason Bourne, but for talking with Olivia Rodrigo, I thought it was really important to capture the feeling of the way they con people while talking to them in Now You See Me,” he continued. “I thought maybe I should just speak to her casually, and that it would be like magic if I could steal her card without her noticing while we’re talking, and how it would look if we locked eyes in a fun way. Things like that."

Whatever the case is, BTS’s performance is evidently lauded.


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