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BLACKPINK Lisa Shock: An Australian People Reader Reveals Lalisa Hitmaker’s True Personality Based On Her Facial Features

Credit: Rolling Stone/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has one of the most beautiful faces in the K-pop world and an Australian people reader tells about her personality based on facial features.

Alan Stevens the seven traits Lisa has, from the shape of her face to her facial characteristics. Not only that, though, her MBTI personality type is also revealed.

Lisa’s Character

An article by Koreaboo noted that people whose faces are about 70% as wide as they are long are naturally confident.

As Lisa has a wider face, she exudes confidence in everything she does. She’s also keen to have her personal space as determined by the distance from the top of her eyes to her eyebrows compared to the height of her eyes.

When it comes to tolerance, the Thai rapper isn’t the type who easily judges others. Her wider set of eyes is a sign that she can tolerate more errors compared to those with eyes closer together.

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In addition, though fans often see Lisa being goofy, she’s more serious, as seen by the shorter length of her philtrum or the vertical groove between her nose and upper lip. On the contrary, those with longer distances have a good sense of humor.

Her fuller lips also indicate that she’s generous when it comes to giving pep talks, so she may be quick to offer words of support and comfort to others.

Elsewhere, her worldview can be said through the fold on her eyelid. Stevens revealed that those with a thicker fold are more analytical, while those with a thin one are more decisive and Lisa belongs to the former spectrum.

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Lastly, people with deeper-colored eyes are naturally charismatic, which tells a lot about Lisa’s powerful aura and charisma.

Lisa’s MBTI Personality Type

According to Cosmo PH, Lisa’s MBTI personality type is ENFP: Campaigner. ENFP stands for extraverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving.

Very Well Mind explained people with this type of personality are often enthusiastic, charismatic and creative. They are also charming, energetic and independent, which pretty much describe some character traits of the fan-favorite idol.

Campaigners are creative and free-spirited individuals who are also outgoing and enthusiastic. They are born natural leaders who live life with an open heart and mind.

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They are described as the life of the party, thanks to their infectious energy. Strong relationships are also very important to them, so they rarely stay single due to their constant longing to be with another person.

However, Lisa is believed to have been single for a long time.

For starters, the K-pop star is originally from Thailand and went to South Korea to become a YG Entertainment trainee. As she eventually rises to prominence, she never forgets her roots.

In fact, when Lisa went solo with her single “Lalisa,” it featured traditional Thai instruments.

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