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BLACKPINK Lisa Fashion 2022: Idol's Signature Style, Wardrobe Essentials Uncovered

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

Lisa had her solo debut in September. She is the third member of BLACKPINK who dropped an album of her own, following Rosé and Jennie in March 2021 and November 2018, respectively.

Amid the promotions for her solo productions, she discussed in one of her interviews the challenges of preparing it. But, despite this, she said it was “nice” because she got to know herself better.

The K-pop idol consequently opened up about choosing her own clothes for the music videos. She revealed she felt “uncomfortable” with some of the fashion pieces she wore for BLACKPINK.

Accordingly, doing her own productions gave her the freedom to choose those that she was comfortable with, according to Seventeen.

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Lisa's Essentials Screams "Comfort"

This likely explains why Lisa’s wardrobe essentials appear to provide the utmost comfort to people who wear them. Hypebae listed the fashion pieces the BLACKPINK member always don on most casual occasions and engagements.

Alongside the belt bags and pendant necklaces, the K-pop idol is reportedly fond of wearing crewneck sweatshirts and cozy outerwear, which usually comes in fleece or wool knit. She appears to have these pieces for rehearsals and day-to-day outings with her co-members.

The list also includes her pleated skirts and washed denim pairs. They are said to be very “versatile” as they can be worn with other fashionable items, like her stylish cropped jackets.

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Crop Tops Are A Go-To For The Blackpink Rapper

Crop tops are another wardrobe essential for Lisa. But, Kbizoom deems it her “signature fashion item” as she is “extremely fond” of wearing them in various designs and styles.

As described, crop tops make a “strong impression” on the K-pop idol because of her tiny waist. She reportedly always “makes people flutter,” especially with this “figure-flattering” piece.

The BLACKPINK idol dons them with various sartorial pieces. These include cardigans and jackets, as well as skirts, a pair of shorts, jeans, and even active sports pants.

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