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BLACKPINK Rosé Diet 2022: How She Stays Slim As A 'Foodie'

Credit: Vogue Australia/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK members have long-ditched their strict diet plans and programs. They have repeatedly shared with their audience that they no longer restrict themselves from food, like before, as they now eat whatever they want.

Rosé is not an exception, and it likely favors her the most because she is a “foodie.” Among the quartet, fans have long known her as a big lover of foods.

As a foodie, though, many wonder how she stays slim and fit. Although she does yoga and Pilates, which helps her maintain her figure, fans and followers are curious to know how she handles and manages her food.

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Rosé Is Mindful Of Her Food Choices

Lifestyle Asia previously said that weight maintenance is “never” an issue for the BLACKPINK member. Apart from being a naturally small-framed individual, she also reportedly has an efficient metabolism.

But, despite this, Rosé still incorporates some practices in her diet that benefit her health greatly.

She is said to be mindful of her food choices. Accordingly, even though she loves to have snacks throughout the day, this still helps her keep her slim figure.

The On The Ground singer prefers munching on fruits and vegetables for her snacks. Some of her top picks include bell peppers and carrots.

In addition, Rosé distributes her meals in small portions throughout the day. She avoids eating big servings of food all at once.

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Intermittent Fasting, And Lots Of Water For The BLACKPINK Member

Alongside being mindful, the BLACKPINK vocalist also reportedly focuses her meals on the afternoon. Health-Yogi claimed that she keeps it “balanced” with the help of intermittent fasting.

The publication did not share, however, the parameters of Rosés fasting routines. But, it did share some advice to its audience to follow an 8:16 ratio, which means the eating window is eight hours.

Another essential element to the BLACKPINK member’s diet is water. KpopStarz reported that the idol previously urged her fans to drink lots of water every single day.

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