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BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship 2022: Is She Still Reportedly Dating G-Dragon?

Credit: Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube Screenshot

Jennie, like many other K-pop idols, has faced numerous dating rumors over the years. Even her BLACKPINK co-members have experienced being involved in romance speculations with other celebrities.

But, it appears to be rare for idols to confirm any relationships they have or had in the past. Apart from the potential backlash and criticisms, some agencies and labels have dating clauses in their contracts. Not to mention, they value their privacy due to their immense popularity.

This seems to be the case that Jennie has faced these past few months. Rumors have said that she has been in a relationship with G-Dragon, but the two personalities have yet to break their silence.

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Are Jennie and G-Dragon In A Relationship?

The dating speculations involving BLACKPINK member Jennie and BIGBANG idol G-Dragon began in February 2021. Dispatch published a report with accompanying photos to support its claims that the two K-pop idols are, indeed, in a relationship.

Nearly a year has passed since the news broke on various media outlets. But, since then, the artists have maintained their silence.

Up to this day, only theories and speculations have continued to exist. Accordingly, no one can confirm whether Jennie and G-Dragon have become or are still romantic partners.

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The BLACKPINK Member's Previous Relationships

The only confirmed relationship that the BLACKPINK member had was with Kai of EXO. Earlier in 2019, Dispatch uncovered that the two K-pop idols began their relationship in October 2018.

The report entailed photos, as well, showing the two South Korean celebrities.

Jennie’s and Kai’s respective agencies, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment, confirmed the reports about the two stars dating. A few weeks later, though, media outlets learned that the pair had broken up due to undisclosed reasons.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK's agency previously released an official statement, as well, regarding Jennie and G-Dragon's alleged romantic ties. It noted that the company could not "validate" anything or confirm reports with regard to the private lives of their artists.

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