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BLACKPINK Jennie Workout 2022: Is She Still Into Yoga, Pilates?

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

Jennie was seemingly aware that many fans and followers would like to know how she keeps her slim and fit figure. It explains why the BLACKPINK member gave a few words of encouragement and some fitness tips to her audience back then.

In an interview she did a few years ago, the K-pop idol said that finding a routine that works perfectly is essential. She explained that this puts one on a “happier path in the long run,” according to South China Morning Post.

Jennie appeared to have found the ones that suit her fitness needs well. As per reports, it is Pilates and yoga.

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Jennie Still Loves Yoga and Pilates

It is already common knowledge among BLACKPINK fans that the SOLO singer is fond of yoga and Pilates routines. She usually posts photos of herself, doing some poses and emphasizing the benefits of each.

The publication said that Jennie began flying yoga, as well as Pilates, in 2017. She reportedly revealed that she mixes her workout sessions with variations because she “gets tired” of doing the same routines.

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With her love and fondness for these regimens, the K-pop idol seemingly still does them regularly. Back in 2020, she told her followers on Instagram that she would be working out every day, “even through the Lunar New Year holiday.”

Some reports also claimed that she does her workout sessions with other BLACKPINK members at times. Among the three, though, it is Jisoo and Rosé who appear to be her regular fitness buddies.

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BLACKPINK Dance Rehearsals Remain Part Of The Routine, Too

BLACKPINK has yet to make a comeback following their last music releases in 2020. Accordingly, it is unclear whether they still do dance rehearsals every single day.

But, in the past, Jennie, alongside her three co-members, considers the group’s dance practices as part of her workout routine, as well. Health-Yogi reported that each session of their rehearsals lasts for two to three hours, making it an effective exercise for the K-pop idols.

Apart from the workout routines and exercises, though, the BLACKPINK member also follows a strict diet to maintain her figure.

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