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BLACKPINK Jennie Faces Backlash Over Wearing Braids, Changing Dance Moves

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Credit: Billboard/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK's Jennie is now facing backlash over a couple of issues. After being called "lazy" for changing the choreography of "Shut Down" during a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, netizens also reacted to her braids in a new campaign for the perfume brand Tamburins.

Netizens React to Jennie's Braids

Netizens can't help but react to Jennie's braided hairstyle, finding it inappropriate. In the campaign's teaser, she was wearing a bright blue dress while elegantly dancing around a dark room.

Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail, which was braided. With that said, they found her hairstyle a form of "cultural appropriation," and their sentiments on Twitter.

Fans expressed their discomfort over Jennie's braided. Sadly, it wasn't the first time he did it this year.

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One fan said it was the second time Jennie did this year. The first was her cornrows in the new TV series The Idol, and the second was the box braids for the said endorsement.

"Why the hell is no one talking about it?" the fan asked, via AllKpop.

Another claimed it was shocking to see Jennie wearing braids after what happened to Lisa, who apologized for donning box braids in "Money."

"I love these girls but stop making the same mistakes," the fan stated.

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A different supporter asked Blinks to confront Jennie about wearing braids at the upcoming fan signing event.

"You guys were dragging Lisa through the mud just for Jennie to do it twice this year alone," the supporter continued. "It's the double standard for me."

Fans Call Jennie' Lazy'

Jennie's performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was criticized after the BLACKPINK member was accused of laziness.

The idol seemed to have changed the dance moves in certain performances, but she had a good reason.

An online forum titled Jennie, via Koreaboo, shared a GIF that compared her "Shut Down" performance side by side during the live show and the official video.

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Jennie seemed to have simplified the moves, but she did it because she was rapping.

"This is their first comeback two years after their last comeback, and Jennie is still like that," the author wrote. "Looks like Jennie is deciding to skip on all the choreography to look hip instead."

While some criticized how Jennie changed the dance moves, others were understanding, coming to her defense.

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